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Health Carousel Nurse Guada Earns a DAISY Award for Her Exceptional Performance

A highly skilled, dedicated nurse can make a significant difference in the lives of their patients. Besides administering medications and delivering meals, a compassionate nurse can add a ray of sunshine to each patient’s hospital experience.

Some extraordinary nurses go above and beyond what’s expected. They deliver superb patient care and offer ongoing support to their coworkers. In fact, they help to elevate the standard of care for the entire hospital community.

Guada’s Rewarding United States Nursing Career

PassportUSA Registered Nurse Guada is one of those exceptional healthcare professionals. Through Health Carousel International’s PassportUSA Program, Guada is achieving her dream of building a satisfying nursing career in the United States.

Guada is also pleased to serve as a PassportUSA Global Ambassador. In this capacity, Guada regularly shares the company’s mission of offering United States healthcare opportunities to talented global medical professionals.

Making an Impact on Her Patients

Upon arriving in the United States, Guada began a rewarding assignment in Louisiana. Shortly after she started in her new position, she became a PassportUSA Global Ambassador.

Today, Guada practices in a South Dakota medical facility. In each assignment, her compassion and positive attitude have helped to uplift her patients. Guada’s coworkers appreciate her admirable work ethic and attention to detail.

Guada Is Honored with the PassportUSA DAISY Award

As might be expected, this dedicated nursing professional has received recognition for her compassion for patients and mentorship of her coworkers. In May 2022, PassportUSA surprised Guada with its much-loved DAISY Award. She earned this accolade by receiving praise from her managers and gratitude from her Progressive Care Unit (or PCU) patients.

Guada’s Department Manager nominated her for the DAISY Award, expressing appreciation for this exemplary nurse’s attitude toward her work. “Guada has proven to be a highly engaged nursing professional and mentor in our department and organization. She strives for excellence daily while working with her patients and colleagues. She is always willing to step in and help her colleagues on and off the floor.

“Guada serves as an informal mentor to nurses in and out of our department. She invests in others outside of work by providing homemade meals and companionship…She serves as an Ambassador for PassportUSA, and she is passionate about improving the experience of international nurses as they transition to nursing practice in the U.S.,” the manager concludes.

Katie Glaser, PassportUSA’s Vice President of International Operations, affirmed that Guada is an ideal DAISY Award recipient. “I couldn’t think of anyone that deserves the DAISY award more than Guada. She is probably the most compassionate person I have ever met in my life,” Glaser emphasizes.

Not surprisingly, modest and unpretentious Guada was taken aback by the recognition. At the same time, she was clearly pleased, noting that the DAISY Award was the “icing on the cake.” Guada looks forward to a long nursing career in the United States, saying she will always “continue doing what I do because I love doing it.”

About the DAISY Foundation

The nonprofit DAISY Foundation was established in memory of 33-year-old J. Patrick Barnes, who passed away in late 1999. Patrick’s family created the nonprofit for the inspiring young man, who died from complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). This condition is a not-uncommon autoimmune disease. For reference, the DAISY acronym stands for Diseases Attacking the Immune System.

While Patrick was ill, he and his family received exceptional care from many nurses. This superior care inspired Patrick’s family to create The DAISY Award® for Extraordinary Nurses in his memory.

The evidence-based DAISY Award Program provides well-deserved recognition to compassionate nurses across the globe. The award sends a heartfelt “thank you” to the nurses who have made a profound difference in their patients’ lives and those of their families.

Additional Nurse Recognition Initiatives

Besides sponsoring the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses, the DAISY Foundation has implemented other nurse recognition initiatives. The Foundation has expressed its appreciation to nursing professionals in almost 4,500 global healthcare facilities and nursing schools.

The DAISY Foundation has recognized direct-care nurses along with nurse leaders and nurse-led teams. Nursing faculty and students have also received recognition. The Foundation also gives a Lifetime Achievement in Nursing Award.

Finally, the DAISY Foundation has established two grant initiatives in J. Patrick Barnes’ memory. Applicants can apply for the J. Patrick Barnes Grants for Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Projects. Applications are also accepted for Medical Mission Grants.

About the PassportUSA Program

Health Carousel International’s PassportUSA Program manages the entry of foreign-educated Registered Nurses into United States medical facilities. Founded in 2005, the PassportUSA Program has helped thousands of dedicated nursing professionals to prepare for productive nursing careers in all 50 U.S. states.

Besides providing direction to Registered Nurses, the PassportUSA Program assists medical technologists along with physical and occupational therapists. These skilled medical professionals have an average of eight years’ experience. Each one wishes to establish or further their careers in United States hospitals. They have also expressed a desire to enjoy a good quality of life with their families.

How the PassportUSA Program Works

During PassportUSA’s 18-to-36-month program, each healthcare professional receives comprehensive support services to prepare them for a United States medical career. Health Carousel International pays all program costs while also furnishing each participant with immigration and visa support assistance.

PassportUSA provides each participant with structured study, testing, and clinical requirements assistance. A CNO-led clinical panel of Master’s-prepared nurses, who together possess 50+ years of practical clinical experience, administers the program. This comprehensive curriculum integrates U.S.-sourced training tools and extensive clinical scenario exercises.

Before they arrive in the United States, each PassportUSA healthcare professional completes all required U.S.-level clinical readiness preparation. They also obtain all relevant credentials, licenses, and work authorizations required for their upcoming assignments.

Throughout their United States employment, Health Carousel’s clinical team provides participants with continued professional guidance. Besides ongoing training and management assistance, the clinical team ensures that each PassportUSA participant maintains required credentialing, licensing, and CEU credit standards.

PassportUSA Serves Global Healthcare Professionals

Today, the PassportUSA Program continues to be actively engaged in preparing foreign-educated healthcare professionals for United States hospital careers. Program team members stand ready to assist other medical professionals across the globe. View the PassportUSA website for complete details.


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