Health department new building confirmed

Belmont County, Ohio (WTRF) – The Belmont County Health Department has a new home just a few doors away from its current location.

The county commissioner met with architects today to plan a new building for Route 331, the grass field in front of the 911 center and county EMA.

It will be near the old Belmont County Home, long abandoned.

Belmont County Commissioner Jerry Echemann said: “It will be one building. Part of that is to demolish it, because, you know, it’s an eyesore, but that’s not yet clear.”

If so, they’ll also demolish the house behind it, which was the original water station.

Echemann said the commission has set aside $10 million in funding for the American Rescue Plan to build the new building.

The architects will begin drilling and surveying the core immediately.

No completion date has been set.

https://www.wtrf.com/top-stories/new-health-department-building-is-confirmed/ Health department new building confirmed

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