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(WTRF) – Let’s take a look back at this week’s top stories.

A third former student came forward claiming he was sexually abused while attending Catholic Central High School in Steubenville more than 50 years ago.

Third suspect comes forward after allegedly sexually abused a priest while he was in the Ohio Valley

The man, who has not been named at this time, said the abuse was at the hands of Father Kenneth Bonadis. Lawyers representing the three allege that Bishop Jeffrey Montforton of the Diocese of Steubenville is covering up the incident. A spokeswoman for the diocese said a review of files from Father Bonady’s time at Catholic Central found no charges against him.

A long-time West Virginia legislator has announced she will be stepping down mid-term.

West Virginia Republican delegate Erica Storch leaves politics for new job

Wheeling state Republican delegate Erica Storch began serving in the state government in 2010. She represents her four states.th area. Mr. Storch said he was leaving the company to find a new job but could not do both.

Drinking water in your city may contain chemicals that can build up in your body and cause cancer.

West Virginia has identified 19 public water systems with chemicals that may be carcinogenic. Over 25,000 people at risk

West Virginia’s DHHR has revealed that 19 of the state’s 300 water systems have levels of so-called PFA that exceed proposed EPA limits. But state health officials said there was no immediate danger as the numbers were low and the results had not been finalized.

A bill has passed the Ohio legislature that could change the minimum age to become a police officer.

Ohio Senate Passes Bill Allowing 18-Year-Old Police Enlistment

That would bring the ate down from 21 to 18.

Senate Bill 53 passed the Ohio Senate, but still needs to pass the House and ultimately Gov. Mike DeWine’s signature. Some government agencies believe this will help them find good candidates, especially in cities struggling to retain officers. Groups like the Ohio Police Fraternity Knights argue that teenagers are too young for these positions.

Finally, with Undo’s Upper Ohio Valley Italian Heritage Festival just a few months away, the celebrations have already begun.

Italian Heritage Festival Media Night celebrates cultural heritage across generations

Two high school seniors from each of the six participating counties received $1,000 scholarships at Media Night. 2023 Italian-American of the Year Tom Fatto was also honored for his more than 30 years of community service and his work as an educator. Mark your calendars as this year’s festival starts on his July 28th.th Up to 30 days.

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