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Here’s How To Spot Cheaters At The Poker Table


How do you know whether someone is cheating at a game of poker? Even if you do spot them, how do you ensure that you don’t fall victim to a case of cheating? Although cheating in poker is bound to exist in one form or another, it’s not as exaggerated as the ones you see in movies. Nonetheless, it is still important to safeguard yourself (and your money) whenever you enter a game.

Depending on where you’re playing poker and the stakes of your game, cheating could be a serious concern. I’ve recently come across gambling review websites, and this is the biggest review I’ve seen that has regular updates on every nitty-gritty aspect you’d need to know about poker. Gambling review websites are good ways to learn more about cheating, as cheaters are usually exposed by other members of the community. Otherwise, read on more to find out some foolproof methods for catching a cheater red-handed.

Two Players At The Same Table

Oftentimes, cheaters work with one another to win the game. If you come to notice not just the same two players at a table, but also gesturing and communicating the same phrases repeatedly, there is a high chance that they are working together. In this case, it will be in your best interest to leave the table.

Do take note that seeing two players at the same table does not necessarily mean that they are cheating. They could be friends playing a leisure game of poker. Discernment is key to figuring out who is cheating.

A challenge arises when the poker game is brought online. With many profiles on the platform, it is difficult to ascertain who is working with one another in the game. This means that you need to spend more time observing the players. If all conditions of cheating are met, it is also best for you to find another table to play at.

Evidence Of Soft Play

When players give way to other players deliberately, it is known as soft play. Soft plays usually happen when one player is trying to help the other player, often their friend, during the game. Because players who practice soft play avoid winning their short stack, their movements could potentially implicate outsiders who are betting on the match, thus causing them to lose money.

Although you can’t do much about it personally, you can trust that word gets around easily. Those players who continually demonstrate soft play behavior would soon be labeled as ‘cheats’ in the community.

Chip Dumping

This cheating method is a more drastic form of soft play and is done when a player desperately needs to get rid of chips. Chip dumping happens when a player deliberately puts in loads of chips to “feed” other players –– most probably friends within the game who are short-stacked. It enables the fed player to progress into more rounds and earn the amount they initially bought their chips at.

Again, there is nothing you can do about this as it is a conscious choice that the player made. However, making loud remarks about it may deter them from doing so repeatedly as it attracts more attention towards them.

Unlikely Winnings

Here’s How To Spot Cheaters At The Poker Table

This only applies to in-person games. If somebody is winning at poker for many consecutive rounds, it may not be sheer luck. Instead, it might be that they are employing poker strategies and manipulating the game in their favor.

To spot this, notice the player’s movements during the game and whether their movements invoke suspicion. It’s important to observe the dealer too, as they may shuffle the deck to help a specific player. This observation is time-consuming, but when done right, will save you from losing heaps of cash.

A tip would be for you to make remarks about what you observe, though tactfully. It would be ideal not to directly call out the cheater, but instead, to draw attention towards the player such that they are compelled to stop their actions.

 ​​Squeezing You Out Of The Pot

This method is more psychological than physical play and occurs when two or more players attempt to remove you from the pot. Such a method takes place when you have a favorable hand and call a raise from a petty bet. The player after you then raises it again, and so does the original bettor. This causes you to have doubts whether if it’s worth betting on the chances at all, and decide to fold –– hence losing the pot. The pot is now available to lesser players, which means that the profit split will be higher among those who colluded.

Nothing much can be done to the cheating unless you see through such acts and are shrewd enough to turn the tides onto the colluding players. It is risky, though, as you may get caught before the tides change.

Making Wild Bets When Losing

When you’re playing online poker, take note if your opponents are making aggressive calls and bets when it’s obvious that they should be folding. Making blatantly wild decisions when you’re not in the most favorable state is often a sign of poker cheating.

A few years ago, hackers were able to use malware that allowed them to see the hands of their opponents. This is where the trend of placing wild bets started to emerge, even when their hands may not be that great themselves. Unfortunately, playing poker online exposes you to a risk of security breaches and hackers that may give your opponents a significant edge over you. on an online platform exposes you to a risk of hackers finding out what cards you are dealt with

If you’re quick enough to spot this, leave the game immediately. You may also report the player if you can ascertain that they are cheating, as online casinos rely on level playing fields for players to engage in their games.

The Wins Become Too Consistent

This case is more applicable for online poker games. To snuff out a bot, take note of how they are playing the game. If the player continuously wins the game using the same methods and under the same scenarios, it may be a bot that you are playing against.

You can report this to the online poker platform, as they will take action against the bots very seriously. However, you should only do it if you are very sure that the player is a bot, lest you might wreck the game for everyone in the room.

Evidence Of Strange Play

By watching two players go head to head, it becomes obvious to tell whether or not the pair may be colluding. If they consistently fold for no apparent reason when heads up, it could indicate that they are working together to win the pot.

The rule of thumb is to be tactful when you encounter such scenarios. It is recommended that you draw the attention towards the two players when it happens then immediately call them out for cheating. You get to protect yourself from making terrible impressions on others and also deter the two players from continuing their actions now that they are under the spotlight.


In summary, now that you are well-equipped with the knowledge on how to snuff out cheaters, it is much easier to take action on your part to avoid monetary misfortunes. For the most part, you should move on to the next table or cease your engagement once you notice that someone is cheating.

Casting the potential cheaters a spotlight may also discourage them from further cheating as more people are aware of their suspicious actions. Nonetheless, take note that cheating does not happen at every poker game and most people play the game for fun and leisure.


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