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How a Professional UX Agency Measures User Experience on a Project?

Measuring how a website of a mobile app is performing is much more than the usual numbers people look at. Data like site traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, how many people make a purchase, what percentage leaves the page without any action performed, and similar ones. The numbers and statistics are essential, but there are also some other qualitative aspects of UX design to take into consideration when analyzing the success of your website or app:

For example, some qualitative questions to look at can be: are users finding what they need? If a user makes an error, is he able to correct and recover? Are they leaving the site or app with a positive or negative feeling? Is the internal search function working correctly? Would they recommend the site or app, or even the brand, based on their experience?

As you might imagine, these questions are harder to answer, and the assessment goes beyond a check of your Google Analytics. A professional UX agency like Clay. Global specializes in using the right tools and asking the right questions to understand how your design is doing and where it needs improvement.

In this article, we will cover some of the ways to know what’s missing and start planning how to measure the user experience of your designs.

User Experience Assessment with Surveys

One way to know what the users think is to ask the users. Many UX agencies will add an exit survey to the client’s website or app to know what the user experienced with their visit.

Although this is a great idea to find out what the user felt during his visit, it is best not to ask too many questions as this will be time-consuming and probably annoy the user, leaving him with a negative experience. For example, the System Usability Scale (SUS) takes ten questions, whereas Net Promoter Score (NPS) takes just one.

Data to Collect Through Surveys

Task completion rate is easy to find out with a survey, and even better yet, you only need to ask questions. The first one is to know what the user was looking for when he got on the site or app, and the second one is to see if he was able to accomplish his goal.

Knowing this information will help you spot your weaknesses and even your strengths. Maybe when it comes to making a purchase, your site works perfectly and seamlessly, but when it comes to finding out about the company or contacting them, the design is not so good.

Although it is a very general concept, user satisfaction can be instrumental and even easier to find. You only need one question on your survey: ‘how satisfied are you with the website/app experience?’. You can choose the scale you want to work with, 0-10, 1-5, and if you wish, you can leave a little space for them to explain the reason for their answer.

This information can be cross-referenced with the activity they were doing on the site to know if the design left the user with a positive or negative response.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a loyalty metric used by plenty of companies and is made up of only one question asked on the survey: “how likely is it that you would recommend the product/service to a friend or colleague?”

System Usability Scale (SUS) is another common way for companies to compare sites and apps. It is assessed by asking ten questions to get a matric that can later be reviewed. A great thing it has is that it has a set SUS score that you can use to benchmark against it and is an excellent way to measure if the fixes you are doing are successful.

Analytics Tools for UX

Analytics tools exist for a reason. Things like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, WebTrends, and other tools can help and give powerful insights about user experience. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

Error Recovery Rate

Exit rate is sometimes a useless or deceptive metric because you don’t know if visitors could accomplish whatever they came to do at your website. But, the 404 error page is an exception. Because if they exit from it, it means your site failed, and it didn’t recover.

Although a 404 error page should be avoided at all times, no one wants to have a page that crashes. However, it is necessary to have a friendly 404 page. This will ensure that although your page failed, it will leave a positive experience for the user. For example, adding a thoughtful apology on the page and a search bar so that users can recover and measure exit rates improvements will help you better the experience and your site.

Search Feature Depth

Understanding and tracking the inbuilt search feature lets you understand the user experience with more depth. Because if the user doesn’t find what he is looking for initially from the homepage and still can’t find it when using the search bar will be a sign of a terrible user experience on the website. Analyzing the search patterns will provide insights into what might need to be fixed or changed according to user needs.

Usability Tests

These tests are great for identifying how the launch of a new feature or site redesign is performing. Usually, UX agencies will have a few participants for these tests, but they will go into detail as possible to obtain the necessary information.

Task completion rate

These tests will go deeper than a survey about the completion of the task. In this one, the agencies will ask questions about what the user is expecting, why the user is trying to complete a particular job, and how it goes. This test is also very insightful when it comes to system bugs.

Time spent on a task

As excellent UX design is intuitive and aims to consume as little time and effort from the user, testing how long tasks take and why they might take longer than expected for the user to figure out is a priceless insight that will help improve the user experience.

The best tool for measuring user experience is analysis. By monitoring specific metrics, like those described above, UX agencies can instantly respond to any changes and make the project meaningful and competitive in the market.


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