How a tree seed from space arrived in Ohio

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) — One of the most unique trees in the world grows in one of our local parks.

When Apollo 14 took off in 1971, command module pilot Stuart Roosa carried a small container of five different tree seeds with him on his trip around the moon.

The experiment was a joint effort conducted by NASA and the U.S. Forest Service to determine whether seeds could survive after being exposed to radiation in space.

After the mission, the seeds germinated in nurseries and were transported and planted around the world.

One of those seeds ended up in Friendship Park in Jefferson County, where the tree still stands today.

Judy Henthorn, one of the park managers, says how special it is to be home to Ohio's only moon tree.

“It's kind of special for our area that we have a moon tree that was used in the Apollo 14 mission. Yes, it's pretty special. Probably just to protect it from vandalism and stuff like that, it's a little bit special for our area. It's been kept secret for a decade. But now she's almost independent. It's time to celebrate her.”

Judy Henthorn – Friendship Park Park Superintendent

The experiment conducted by Lusa was also replicated in the Artemis One project in 2022, so more moon trees may be planted in the coming years.

The Moon Tree is located near shelters 1 through 3 in the park and is surrounded by a white fence and separated by informational signs about its journey.

Learn more about the moon tree and its location here. NASA website.

https://www.wtrf.com/ohio/how-a-tree-seed-from-space-ended-up-in-ohio/ How a tree seed from space arrived in Ohio

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