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How Delaware County is recovering from tornado damage

Delaware, Ohio (W.C.M.H.) — Cleanup efforts continued after Saturday EF-1 Tornado It landed in Delaware County on Thursday. Since then, the Delaware County Emergency Management Agency has been working tirelessly to assess the damage and provide resources to those in need.

Delaware County EMA is working with local fire departments and the Ohio EMA to assess the damage and understand what the community needs. More debris still needs to be removed, and the Delaware County EMA director said they are working to make that happen.

“It’s very heartbreaking to go out and see this much damage,” said Delaware County EMA Director Alex McCarthy. “So our office is out there doing everything we can to proactively put people in touch with some of these organizations to help.”

When EMA was surveying the damage, the first thing they noticed was that high-voltage power lines were down throughout the area. McCarthy said it’s important for them to get out into the community and help those in need.

“Importantly, as emergency managers, each time a disaster occurs, we need to know how severe the damage is and what its scope is so we can begin coordinating response and recovery efforts. ” he said.

Ron Brown’s house was hit by a tornado. When he heard that a storm was coming, he opened the front door and looked outside.

“The porch disappeared before I could close the door, and as I ran into the hallway, I just heard the roof peeling off,” he said. “Two minutes later, it’s done.”

Brown said there has been a constant wave of emotions over the past few days.

“You don’t want to be so…selfish and cry and say, ‘Oh, why me?'” But on the same side, you are your life, and I (19) “We built this house together,” he says, “It’s been 58 years on this land. So the emotion was, yeah, yeah. It hit me in the gut.”

Mr Brown said the community has really come together during this difficult time and is very grateful for all the support.

“My neighbor across the street came to check on me, just to make sure I was mentally okay,” Brown said. “We have a great community here. We have great people, and yes, we all have our ups and downs. But having that extra support makes it easier.”

Despite everything he’s been through, Brown remains strong and positive.

“We are alive,” he said. “There’s something broken. We can replace it.”

Delaware County EMA asks anyone who needs to report storm damage to call (740) 833-2137 or (740) 833-2138.

https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/delaware-county/how-delaware-county-is-picking-up-the-pieces-following-tornado/ How Delaware County is recovering from tornado damage

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