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How Long Does It Take To Create A YouTube Video?

Do you want to post your first YouTube video but are unsure how long it’ll take? Learn all about producing YouTube videos in this article.

Publishing a YouTube Video: How Long Will It Take?

Producing a video is the most crucial part of any YouTubers’ career. However, creating video content isn’t as easy as it sounds. A step-by-step process is done where you need to dedicate your time, effort, and skills.

To help determine how long it takes to make a video, we’ll discuss the general procedure involved and what factors may affect the whole process.

Making a YouTube Video in 7 Simple Steps

If you want to have a successful YouTube video, here are the usual steps to follow:

1.     Researching

Hooking viewers on a YouTube channel significantly depends on the kind of content they’re posting. For starting YouTubers without any idea what video to post, identify who you want to be your audience first. Knowing what piques your target audience’s interest will help you determine what video content you should focus on, such as:

  • Their problems
  • The answers or solutions to these problems
  • What they can get from watching your content

Research everything about the content you’re trying to assemble. Understand every detail to learn more about your audience. Ensure that the topic will serve them and only gather reliable statistics and facts about the topic to provide credible information to the viewers.

2.     Script Writing

To be efficient and save time while keeping high quality, write a script for the video you’re planning to produce beforehand. Generate a clear outline and detailed dialogue. Viewers don’t like bad YouTubers who are awkward on camera and without proper flow in their content. Consider your skills and your personality when scripting.

These can give you ideas on how to assemble your video more attractive. Be creative but don’t be complicated. Showcase the story and message without being dramatic and keep your audience engaged.

Additionally, when writing the script, ensure that everything can fit and be done within the intended duration of the video. If not, adjust the script or the video duration instead.

3.     Content Filming

Collect all needed materials and equipment for the video production and set up the venue. Record all parts of your video in numerous clips, and be sure to follow the script to avoid confusion and heavy adjustments. Most YouTubers use professional cameras to record, but you can use any available recording equipment to capture scenes with good quality.

4.     Video Editing

Take all the best-recorded clips for every timeline panel on your script and compile them. Edit the YouTube video with smooth transitions, effects, and other fitting elements. Don’t skip your intro to welcome the viewers and an end screen to thank them for watching it. These are important so you can leave an imprint on your audience.

The editing time needed depends on how long the video will be. Extended takes are quicker to edit instead of having countless short recorded clips. Generally, you’ll spend hours to adequately edit Youtube content. If you want to stick to your planned duration, you need to speed up or slow down the video to fit the timeline. This is easy to do even with basic editing tools.

If you’re more experienced in editing your videos, you can opt for professional editing software. If not, you can commission a video editor who can do the editing process for you.

5.     Audio Mixing

This will focus on adequately controlling and blending music, musical backgrounds, and other sound elements on specific parts for entertainment. This will make the video worth watching.

Mixing is also a way to remove excess noise to clear the audio and ensure the dialogue is understandable.

6.     Thumbnail Designing

Create an eye-catching thumbnail for your finished video to stand out among the many searches on YouTube. This provides a high chance of the video attracting more audience impressions. For example, you can edit a photo you took while shooting and use professional graphic editing tools like Photoshop.

7.     SEO Handling

Edit and include all necessary keywords as metadata to your YouTube video. SEO gives your content a higher chance of appearing among countless other videos with the same topic or genre.

Factors Affecting Video Making

Whenever you produce a video, consider the following:

  • Video type – vlogs, reaction videos, tutorials, etc.
  • Video editor’s experience – beginner, experienced, professional
  • Required editing time – depends on the type of video
  • Time constraints – other responsibilities to attend to or unforeseen events
  • Production costs – props, materials, recording equipment, video editing software, etc.

To create a YouTube video means to dedicate time and effort to the whole process. These factors will vary greatly depending on the skills of your team and how well you handle production.




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