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How Students Advocate for Marijuana Legalization

Do you wonder why so many young people are in favor of making marijuana legal? Of course, the students concerned with an issue believe that some regulations would reduce youth access to harmful products. But it’s not the point that people should worry about, as there are many other things that have a much worse impact on health and behavior.

Imagine a party where young people usually drink a lot of booze and end up vomiting in the toilets. The next day, they would pray that it was their last time, consuming alcohol and getting themselves spoilt by its influence. There are many cases when people get drunk and find it hard to control their behavior. A lot of dangerous things can happen as a result of such recreation and habit. Alcohol and cigarettes cause a huge addiction that people don’t even realize that they are caught into this trap which requires so much effort to escape.

However, some students find the way out of the situation by putting down the bottle and picking up a joint instead. With the change in their recreational substance of choice, many young people experience the decrease of headaches, cramps lessening, and stress levels falling. Parents may not approve of such a replacement due to some biases and misconceptions gained over their life. Still, it shouldn’t prevent the young generation from making sensible decisions that they find the most suitable for their life. The prejudice and myth that if someone smokes one joint is going to be lost forever should be discarded. We have evidence today which proves that marijuana can be harmless if taken in moderation like any other substance. Moreover, it can benefit people and be used as a cure for many diseases. “So why can’t it be the reason for legalizing marijuana?” students demanded.

Marijuana Should Be Legalized! Students’ Beliefs Are Set

Even though some parents may see the situation of young people choosing weed as not reasonable, there are many people who think that its consumption in moderation can benefit one’s life more than non-use of it. Thus, students raise many significant issues when writing an essay on legalization of marijuana in colleges or universities. This is one of the ways they can express their opinion on the subject and make some changes. What are other cases that should be taken into consideration for legalizing weed? Here are students’ statements and thoughts to advocate for marijuana legalization.

Taking courses on the marijuana industry

Many universities supported the idea to give classes about the cannabis industry to fulfill students’ requirements as for the matter. However, the experiment has shown that the students are far more concerned about alcohol and cigarettes’ harmful effect on health than about marihuana. Therefore, the classes that they requested were one of the methods to prove that the cannabis issues are also relevant but not in the negative aspect. Thus, students demanded the states make the product legal. According to the survey, many people who participated in the questionnaire through emails, tweets, and other sources stated that the substance doesn’t seem dangerous, unlike many other legal products.

Participating in the survey

This method turned out to be the most efficient in indicating the students’ agreement on approving the use of marijuana. Unfortunately, due to the world’s epidemic situation, the talks about legalizing marijuana have been derailed because several lawmakers fell ill. So the topic was off the table for some time. But the survey keeps on going, and young people insist on raising the subject again. The respondents assure that legalization wouldn’t significantly affect campus culture as pot use is already high on campuses.

Sharing experiences with pot compared to alcohol and tobacco

Most students see the effect of marijuana as more favorable compared to alcohol and tobacco. Some even shared their experiences of trying it once and feeling that it should be treated like alcohol but with limits. There are countries where recreational marijuana is fully legal. But along with that, many young people are not interested in smoking at all. It depicts the absence or a vague addiction to the product by young people. According to some stories and experience, alcohol is more threatening to health and makes people act inappropriate, which should become an issue to reconsider its legality.

Seeing little negative consequences of legalization

The survey respondents in the states where marijuana is legalized mentioned that people there are much more aware of the safe use of the product. The respondents reported even being prescribed medical marijuana as it helped better to deal with migraines than pills. Switching to plants can be more effective as some pills may have negative consequences which affect kidneys in the first place. Moreover, many students agreed to combat the idea of cannabis causing mental health problems as there is not enough evidence to prove it. Thus, some private money funds the projects that research and communicate the benefits of the drug.


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