How to Apply to College in Ohio

The last year of high school is a pretty nerve-wracking experience for most young people in Ohio. It’s not exactly the easiest period in their lives for two reasons. First, they have to complete high school. That on its own is already a challenge. All those tests, SATs, ACTs, and more can drain all energy out of kids, not to mention them being major fun killers. Still, this is something all high schoolers need to deal with if they want to graduate.

Secondly, this year all teens have to make a life-changing decision – college. The pressure gets real here. Deciding on a college and major can add too much anxiety into an already stressful year. Though, once again, it’s something all young people have to go through if they want a college degree in Ohio.

To make this time a little bit easier for high schoolers, we have come up with this step-by-step guide on how to apply to college in Ohio. Here, we will break down all the necessary measures you need to take to go through the whole process. We promise that once you learn more about it, college applications won’t look as scary to you.

Pick a major

Before everything else, it’s best to pick a major you’d love to study. Most schools have the disciplines they are strong at, so you can base your future college choice on that. Of course, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes it takes years of pondering, comparing, and researching before a student makes their final choice. Still, it’s important to take your time and not rush this process. The choice of your major will have a significant impact on your future. Hence, a lot is riding on a single decision.

Choose a college 

Once you know what it is that you want to study, focus on where you can receive the desired knowledge. Thus, it’s time to decide on which college you want to apply to. It’s not always an easy choice, especially since Ohio gives you many options to choose from. There is no better way to approach it but to do your own research. Speak to college graduates, compare the tuition fees, and decide whether you want a public or private college. Overall, set a list of criteria that you find important in a college. Then, judge each option based on that list.

Of course, your grades and overall performance will also be significant factors in your application process. So, if you want to apply to such schools as the University of Cincinnati or Ohio State University, you better start working on your application early. Also, if you live in Ohio, you can book a tour around campuses to see if they meet your expectations.

Organize all your documents

Organizational and time-management skills play a huge part in your college application process. First, you need to learn about the list of the required documents. Collect all the papers in advance. These can be your high school transcript, recommendation letters, an application form, and more. Your college of choice should have full information on what papers you should include in your application. Also, include the document with your SAT scores in case you have re-taken them. It’s not something you want to forget.

Plan your timing well. For example, things like recommendation letters take time. Try to take care of these things months in advance to avoid worrying about them before the deadline. Moreover, some colleges also expect you to write a personal essay. It doesn’t always make sense why, for example, future law students need to write about themselves. Yet, you can easily find good law essay writing services reviews online to help you with this situation.

Also, don’t forget to learn about the deadlines in advance. Pay attention to the application dates for the specific programs or degrees. Also, foreign and local students may have different application deadlines, so be careful about that. Lastly, don’t forget about the application fee. Not all colleges require it, of course. Though, you should still be ready to pay about $50 for the application.

Get ready for the interview

Some colleges prefer doing things the old-fashioned way and meeting their applicants face-to-face. No problem! Use it to your advantage. Also, don’t forget to celebrate this little victory of yours. Getting an invitation to an interview is already a good sign. It means you are one step closer to the college of your dream.

By the way, some colleges leave it up to students to schedule an interview. Don’t miss out on such an opportunity. A personal introduction will make you stand out better than a few papers with your name. Now, get ready to make the best first impression on the college commission. Dress and behave appropriately. Ask questions about the college. Show them why you can be a perfect fit. Yet don’t forget to analyze how much you like the school, too. You need to feel at home on your future campus.

The bottom line

The time when you need to apply for college can turn into a stressful and scary period in your life. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. Just get ready for this experience in advance. Take things slowly and move at your own speed. Fortunately, Ohio has numerous colleges to offer to high school graduates. So don’t rush it and apply only to schools you really like.


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