How to Care for Your Health in Vermont

There are lots of “titles” that are used to rank each state in America. But of all of them, one of the most coveted is that of the Healthiest State in the Country. And that award goes to Vermont in 2021.

The study reviews each state based on 35 measures in five health-related categories.  Last year, Vermont had the third-place ranking.  After the new analysis was performed, Vermont was the new clear winner.

The title means that the residents of the state have overall healthy behaviors. And the focus is on the community and environment, as well as clinical care and its outcomes. So, if you get sick in Vermont, chances are, you’ll find someone who wants to help you get better.

Since the World Health Organization’s definition of “healthy” includes the complete physical, mental, and social well-being of an individual, it’s more than avoiding COVID and other illnesses.

Looking for ways to care for your health in this wellness-focused state? Try these suggestions.

1. Start With Nutrition

Learning about nutrition is a way to impact your health at the core. How you fuel your body impacts everything from your mood to your digestion.

The more nutrient-filled your diet is, the healthier you are mentally and physically. This also connects to social health, as well, since you feel better and have more energy to engage in outside relationships.

Improving your nutrition through a balanced diet and vitamins and minerals builds a stronger immune system.

You’ll be less at risk for conditions such as diabetes and heart problems. And you’ll also have a better chance of recovering faster from contagious illnesses.

However, it can be a little overwhelming to jump right in and revamp your diet. As you get started, focus on adding these nutrients to your day:

  • Vitamins C, D, and B12
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Folate
  • Iron

You can get all of these nutrients in a multivitamin, but try to include them in your meals, as well.

2. Look for Alternatives to Prescription Medication

So you took all your vitamins, and you still got sick. It happens. What you do next is important to how quickly you recover.

Prescription medications are the go-to for most people. You get sick, it doesn’t get better overnight, so you head to the doctor for a magic medicinal cure.

The thing is, as you know, many of these medications have side effects that make you feel better in the short term but have long-term consequences.

There are various alternatives to medications, depending on what your problem is. One solution that can fix everything from your mood to the chronic pain that won’t go away is cannabis.

Vermont is a weed-friendly state. You should be able to head to your local dispensary and pick up a product that helps you heal without the side effects.

Herbal supplements have been used for thousands of years, long before synthetic medications existed. From cannabis to collagen and beyond, there’s a natural way to treat whatever ails you.

3. Take Care of Your Mental Health

Part of the reason Vermont received the Healthiest State designation is that the government focuses on mental health, too. There is a distinct correlation between a positive attitude and your physical condition.

Countless research-backed articles show that there really is power in positive thinking. On the other side of that is the factual evidence that a negative mindset can make you ill and keep you sick longer.

Switching to Positive Habits and Behaviors

Taking care of your mental health should be a priority. It does start at the source with your nutrition. But it expands to your environment, including who and what you choose to surround yourself with.

Your friends should be supportive, encouraging you to grow and being role models of positivity themselves.

Your behaviors have a huge part in your mental health, too. Drugs, alcohol, gaming, and other habits become addictions. These slowly take over your life, knocking positive behaviors like socialization and healthy eating to the curb.

If you don’t have healthy habits and want to build them, but aren’t sure where to start, Vermont has help for you. From free and inexpensive mental health counselors to government-run programs, you have options.


As the top-rated healthiest state in America, Vermont’s residents know the importance of wellness. Your overall health is a combination of your mental, physical, and social behaviors. To get and stay in shape, make sure you’re focusing on all of these factors.


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