Camps are of different types. But each must be chosen not only in terms of usefulness, but also safety.

Summer camp is an unusual adventure for children and a lifesaver for parents who can’t take a full summer vacation. But the choice is now so great that it does not take long to get confused. And periodically appearing reports of incidents during a vacation in a summer camp do not add calmness. How to choose a place so that the child has a good rest and does not get any injuries? Let’s talk about the basic principles. Choosing a camp for a child is safe!

One of these camps, which we want to recommend for our readers is a summer camp in Singapore called “Maker”.  This is one of the advanced camps that are now operating in Asia, and indeed in the world. Every year, various improvements are made to the programs for working with children, new work programs are invented, and so on.

Maker camp in Singapore, this is a specialized camp for young lovers of robotics, IT industry, lego, etc. Here you will have access to 4 locations in Singapore itself, where the camp is located: East, West, Novena, Centre. The camp accept children from 5 to 15 years old.

Price for any of the camps – 630 SGD, or 460$.



Summer camp today is not just a place where a child comes to relax, swim and engage in outdoor sports. There are several thematic areas that determine the profile of a recreation organization. Therefore, choosing a summer camp can be a real quest. Here are the main directions:

  • Sanatorium camps. They offer recreation aimed at recuperation after the school year. This is a type close to the usual – children spend time in nature, swim, play outdoor games, receive spa treatment that will not solve serious health problems (this is important to understand, if there are problems, it is better to choose a specialized institution), but they will strengthen immunity and nervous system.
  • Sports camps. They will help not only to strengthen the physical form, but also to achieve progress in the chosen sport. This type of camp must be chosen very carefully, based on the needs and plans of the child. If the student has a focus on achieving a certain result, the camp must correspond to this level. And if there are no significant claims, you need an institution that will not discourage all the desire to play sports due to excessive workload.
  • educational camps. For those who do not want to interrupt their favorite subject or direction even during the holidays. Language, biological, physical, mathematical – camps are now available for any interest. For a child, this is an additional opportunity to change the situation, try a new program, meet like-minded people, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the scientific community. But, of course, you need to study the program in advance and understand how it suits you and your child.
  • Thematic (including professional) camps. They offer programs aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills in a specific area, while not falling into one of the above categories. For example, “professional” camps, which introduce children to the peculiarities of a particular profession, provide an opportunity to try their hand and understand whether they really want to do this.


Having decided on the type, pay special attention to the choice of a specific camp. The choice of a camp for children should not be based on one entertainment. It is important not only to give the child interesting leisure time, rest and physical strengthening, but also to take care of safety.

First of all, make sure that your preferred camp is included in the official register of children’s recreation and recreation organizations. The register is a database of children’s recreation organizations, it includes data on all camps that participate in an officially organized children’s health campaign, their work is checked by regulatory authorities, they are required to comply with all requirements imposed by law. There is such a registry for each region, find the one in which the camp of your choice is located and make sure that it is included there.

A summer camp may have a website that you would like to explore first. Pay attention to the infrastructure – what buildings are used, how they are located, how well furnished, whether there is new furniture, equipment. Also, the site usually publishes programs for which children will be involved, they should also be available to parents.

The camp you have chosen must have all permits and confirmations, you can request them and study them.

It should not be a secret and the conditions in which children will live. It’s good if the site contains photos of residential buildings, a dining room, game rooms, and so on. If you wish, you should be able to come and see how things are in reality with the material fund (if the camp is not very far from your place of residence and this is an acceptable measure for you, of course). The personnel must be qualified, and there must be supporting documents and diplomas for this. Of course, everyone who works with children should have up-to-date medical books.


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