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How to Monetize YouTube Content

You can shoot a video or make a live stream just about anything to make money online these days. For example, even a video you shoot while playing casino games on sites like https://vulkanvegas.com/ja can reach tens of thousands of people. However, if you publish these videos on YouTube and want to monetize them, you should become one of the partners of this platform. This requires you to meet certain terms. In other words, if you want to monetize your YouTube videos, you should be familiar with the monetization requirements. In this article, we’ll do exactly that and talk about everything you need to know about the YouTube partnership program in 2021.

Condition 1: Turn on 2-Step Verification

This requirement is effective from November 1. If you haven’t done it yet, you need to activate two-factor authentication in the Google account that your YouTube channel is linked to. This is a simple requirement, and it is useful not only for monetization but also for your security.

Condition 2: Reach 1,000 Subscribers

This is a simple condition: your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers. Note that there is no time limit for this. Your channel can reach 1,000 subscribers even 5 years after launch – the important thing is to reach this figure.

Condition 3: Get 4,000 Public Watch Hours

You must have earned a total of 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months. Simply put, the video or videos on your channel should have a total watch time of 4,000 hours. If you have multiple videos on your channel, not each one needs 4,000 hours of views. When all the videos on your channel are watched this much in total, you fulfill this requirement. This can be a bit complicated, so let’s explain with an example: let’s say you have three videos on your channel, one with 3,000 hours, another 750 hours and the last 250 hours of view time. Since you can reach 4,000 hours in total with these videos, you will still be deemed to have fulfilled this requirement.

Another important thing to know here is that the watch times of the videos you delete from your channel are also deleted. For example, if you delete your video with 250 hours of views, thinking that it does not attract much attention, you will also delete those 250 hours. Therefore, we recommend that you do not delete any video until this requirement is met, no matter how little attention it gets. Also, do not forget that live broadcasts are included in watch time.

You will see that there is a setting on your YouTube profile that can remind you when these two conditions are completed. You can click on the “notify me when I’m eligible” option by following the “YouTube Studio – Monetization” link. As soon as you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, you will receive an email notification.

Condition 4: Follow YouTube Policies and Guidelines

There are many conditions that the videos you want to publish on YouTube must meet. For example, you cannot make misleading news or upload racist content. While these are obvious things, there are many more rules you must follow and abide by. If your videos contain content contrary to these, you get a “strike”, which means you cannot upload videos to your channel for 1 week. In fact, the most important consequence of this is that you may not be accepted into the partner program. Because one of the conditions of the program is to follow all policies and not to have an active strike. So, if your channel has a strike, you can’t be a YouTube partner, it’s that simple.

You can apply after the strike expires. Having a previous strike on your channel does not directly affect the application process. However, if you apply while the strike is still active, you will be rejected. For the same reason, we recommend that you carefully read the YouTube policies and guidelines and review your video content accordingly before submitting your partner application.

Condition 5: Make Sure You Have Only One AdSense Account

You probably already have an AdSense account, but before you apply, make sure you only have one account in your name and link it to your YouTube channel. You can link multiple channels to a single AdSense account.

Condition 6: Get Reviewed

After meeting all these conditions, you can apply using the “monetization” tab described above. Your channel will be reviewed manually, meaning a real person will review your content and evaluate how well they meet the terms of the partnership. This process can sometimes take a week, sometimes a month and sometimes longer. If your application is accepted, you can start showing ads on your channel. If denied, you have the right to reapply after 30 days.


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