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How to Successfully Market Yourself as an Expert Realtor in Ohio

Succeeding in the real estate market can be a challenging affair for beginners. Many amateur realtors take an all-out approach to finding business anywhere they can.

However, if you intend to establish a sustainable real estate career, you need to fine-tune your marketing strategy to ensure it meets your clients’ needs. This piece shares tips on how to market yourself as an expert real estate agent no matter which Ohio market you work in.

1. Focus on your niche

A niche-oriented strategy will maximize your marketing efforts and can rapidly turn your fortunes around. To use niche marketing effectively, you first need to segment the real estate market by location, demographics, property type, buyer age groups, and other vital factors.

Consider the following factors when choosing a niche:

  • The level of competition in your preferred niche
  • Your annual income goals
  • The turnover rate for properties in your niche
  • The nature of expenses related to your chosen niche

More importantly, the niche you choose should fit your expertise and qualifications. It helps to specialize in a niche you are knowledgeable about to deliver value to all your clients. While it’s not mandatory to have a real estate designation to succeed in the industry, having proof of your expertise makes your sales pitch more convincing to potential buyers.

Including your professional credentials in your Realtor bio gives potential buyers and sellers confidence that you can meet their needs.

2. Use videos and virtual tours

Creating promotional real estate videos in the last few decades was a complex and costly affair. Your only option was to outsource video shooting to experts. Today, advancements in technology and the availability of video shooting gadgets have made it easy to shoot and edit High definition (HD) videos.

The real estate sector invests heavily in visuals. Realtors can gain the upper hand over their competition by publishing high-quality videos of properties on sale. The 360-degree virtual tour has been a game-changer in the sector. A virtual tour gives potential buyers a preview of what the property or home looks like in reality.

According to Realtor.com, listings that offer 360-degree virtual tours generate up to 87% more interest among buyers than properties without virtual tours. Creating a virtual property tour is easier now more than ever. Today, many software tools exist to help realtors create professional virtual tours without spending too much money.

3. Consistency in marketing

In reality, even the best marketing campaigns take time to yield positive results. The key to successful marketing lies in being consistent in your promotion efforts. The competitive nature of the real estate industry requires realtors to market their brands to stay relevant in the sector continually. A high level of visibility ensures that interested buyers and sellers turn to you first when they are ready to purchase or sell property.

Maximize your marketing efforts by setting up revolving campaigns that run throughout the year. Prioritize quality over quantity in your marketing campaigns. Many beginners  waste significant resources in implanting and abandoning strategies in their bid to impress clients.

4. Create a professional website

Today, many consumers turn to the internet for information about services or products they intend to buy. The real estate sector is no exception. Boost your real estate business by creating a professional website that sets you apart from other realtors. Publish high-quality videos, virtual house tours, and blogs about all listings on your website and update them regularly.

Ensure the user interface on your website is intuitive and user-friendly. Potential buyers should browse listings, make inquiries, and book appointments without hitches. More importantly, a significant portion of internet searches happens through mobile phones. Make your website friendly for both mobile and computer use.

5. Leverage free and paid marketing

Chances are, you’ve already opened accounts for your real estate business on multiple social media platforms. Real estate is an ultra-competitive industry. To be successful in the sector, you will have to do more than open a social media account and post content from time to time.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are popular social media sites that run both free and paid ads on their platforms. Paid advertisements add freedom and precision to your marketing campaign. Unlike free ads, paid ads allow you to select a target audience and give you more options in the nature and length of your posts. What’s more, you can include targeted hashtags in all your social media posts to ensure they reach the right people.

Google ads is another robust marketing tool you can explore to reach more potential buyers. As a realtor, you will reach more people by running free and paid ads than running free ads alone.

6. Start a real estate blog

Though videos and virtual tours are often the deal breakers in real estate, written content is still relevant in the industry. Blogs are one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies. Starting a real estate blog is an excellent way to share relevant and evergreen content with your clients.

Your blog contents should be optimized for SEO to generate more consumer traffic to your blog. Take advantage of tools like google analytics to find out keywords and search terms your target clients use when looking for real estate properties.

Make your blog posts intuitive and exciting by including captivating images to gain your target clients’ attention. Infographics are an excellent marketing tool; they can also boost your email marketing campaigns.

In your blog posts, consider providing links to your main website. Such links give potential clients a chance to learn more about your real estate business.

7. Partner with local organizations

As a realtor, you can expand your professional network by partnering with local businesses. Partner with home décor showrooms, clothing stores, and cafés to promote your listings with clients. Even better, consider organizing an open house event where you can invite all your local stakeholders. You can establish mutual relationships where your partners offer discounts to customers whenever they purchase homes through partnership listings.


Today, a significant portion of real estate buyers and sellers connect with agents through referrals. Referrals may come from friends, family, or even other clients. Even after you sell a home, always follow up with your clients to ensure they settle into their new property with minimal hustles. You can learn more tips on how to market yourself as a realtor by joining professional realtor organizations in your region.


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