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How to Transfer Your Website to Shopify

E-commerce is a very popular way of having a business. Though there are lots of variants on the Internet, Shopify is the best e-commerce platform.

Are you currently utilizing another e-commerce platform and wish to migrate your website to Shopify? This article will walk you through the process of migrating your store to Shopify in 4 simple steps. We’ll guide you through each one so you can seamlessly transition your shop to Shopify.

Migrating to another platform begins with creating a profile. Of course! How can you even make money without having an account?

What is Shopify? 

Shopify is a great platform for creating an online business. So, if you’ve decided to launch a great business, the easiest approach to get started is to use the Shopify Content Management System (CMS). This post is for you if you have a website and utilize a second e-commerce platform for your business. We’ll show you how to begin moving your online store to Shopify, including how to save original data and information from the previous platform.

We’ll start by setting up your Shopify store.

The new store will be constructed on a Shopify subdomain called company.myshopify.com, which ensures there will be no problems with your current store, which will continue to operate under the same URL. As is customary, traffic and income will flow into your present business.

You’ll create an account with Shopify, pick a theme, and create a temporary subdomain (which doesn’t have to be flawless because no one will ever see it). Transfer all the data from the old website and set up payments. If you’ve never set up a Shopify store before, take a moment to go through my comprehensive guide on setting up your Shopify eCommerce store.

You’ll have to construct some of them manually. You’ll have to add items to the home page yourself, for example. It’ll be tiresome at first, but you’ll be pleased you relocated everything after it’s done. The advantages of Shopify considerably surpass the cost of this one-time switch.

In case you’re wondering what design to choose for your brand-new website, we highly recommend using makebecool services. You can read more about them in the end of this article.

Create a redirect.

This step is not problematic to do as Shopify has an in-built redirecting service. When clients open your new store, all redirects will be activated and they will be sent to the newest version of a site. 

Check if everything was transferred correctly.

Do the following to put your products to the test after switching to Shopify:

Pay attention to the product’s description, picture, and option settings.

Create collections to organize your items into categories and make it easier to locate them.

Finally, ask your previous customers to create an account in your Shopify store.

Once you’ve migrated your customer data and launched your Shopify store, you may invite your customers to establish new accounts here. If you have a significant number of clients, you may use the Shopify app to send out invites. If you want to use Shopify Bulk Account Inviter, you should get a Shopify Plus subscription.

Why choose makebecool

To successfully migrate your business to Shopify and properly optimize your new website, you must take the migration process seriously and as thoroughly as possible. That is why it is critical to select a reliable support service. Despite the fact that there are many various SDS available online, we wish to highlight Shopify Development Services by makebecool. For more than 5 years, the company has been assisting with Shopify store migration. They had 70 different partners, 500 thousand items, over 1 million orders, and 150 thousand users from throughout the world. Even though these are simply numbers, they seem to catch your attention, don’t they? We have posted a link to their official website below so you can get consulted about migrating your business. 



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