How Will Mobile Technology Help Improve Writing Skills?

In a world where technology is changing life as we know it, so many things are starting to advance. Writing is a skill that has been around for ages, and people are constantly learning and looking for how to improve their writing skills. With the creation of writing technology tools and communication technologies, mobile phones can provide virtual assistance to increase your writing skills.

Writing technologies are a joy to writers and all scholars alike because, with just a mobile phone, writing is made easy. You can find any mobile technology to help edit written work, develop error-free copies of your writing, or even hire a professional that can help you write your work.

In this era of digitization, it is a relief what we can do with each writing technology and its roles in improving writing ability.

For knowledge on how to improve your writing skills with mobile technology, you can read further.


Back in the days, students used to carry their study materials all around. It could be in their backpacks, a notebook, anything. Now, digitization has brought ease of mobility into the system. You don’t have to carry your study packs everywhere you go and face the risk of losing them. We now have clouds and state-of-the-art storage systems where people can store their materials for as long as they possibly can.

These systems are accessible from any location, and as long as you have a cellphone, there are no restrictions. They are also not tied to a particular device, so in situations where you lose your cell phones or change devices, you will always have access to whatever information you have stored.

Training Personalization

This is another important aspect of the development of the educational process. People learn differently, and education has always utilized the “one size fits all” system where one syllabus is used for every student regardless of their learning process. With online writing tools, and programs, individuals can personalize their education according to their schedules and pace.

You can buy courses and connect with professional tutors at your pace, you can watch videos and read articles on the internet regardless of the time and place, you can use writing tools for free, or a little price and the flexibility of the schedules are a great part that teachers or even parents would appreciate.

Students can also choose their content level difficulty, irrespective of how far along they’ve gone in the class. With the use of mobile devices, people can also view and assess content in whatever mode is convenient for them. Some learners are visual, some auditory, and some audiovisuals. In whatever mode a person chooses to learn, personalization is possible to enhance your writing process.

Educational Materials Of the New Format

The use of new innovations has provided research materials in a new format. Gone are the pre-technology days when people had to attend workshops or conference meetings to improve their English writing skills. Now, with the recent development, students can get connected to different audio and text formats. There are also non textual formats like video files, multimedia presentations, images, electronic journals, encyclopedias.

Even now, dictionaries can be accessed online through mobile means, and there is no longer a need to carry large, heavy dictionaries should you need to browse a word. Students have instant access to thesaurus and Google, which is another good paper writing tool.

Apps That Can Make Your Writing Better

There are so many phone apps that can boost students’ writing skills. These apps were specially curated and designed to assist in various aspects of essay writing. There are organizational apps, correction apps, word apps, and so many others. Examples are mentioned below:

1.   Word Correction Apps

These apps are important in helping students check and edit their works. After spending so much effort on assignments, you want to be sure your writeup is clear and void of any errors. Apps like Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Ginger, SentenceCheckUp, and a host of others are examples of applications that can help you correct any grammatical, spelling, or lexical errors in your article.

2.   Education Platform Online

Sometimes, students are so swamped with so many academic assignments that they can simply not do it all by themselves. In such cases, programs such as are very useful. After all, they offer help to professional writers who work with different types of tasks.

3.   Organizational Apps

These are apps where students can organize their assignments or tasks in a concise and accessible manner. With these, you can brainstorm and outline without breaking a stride. Examples are Evernote, FocusWriter, and others.

4.   Advanced English Dictionary And Thesaurus

Even the most seasoned professionals get confused sometimes. There are so many available words in the English language, and these words come with close synonyms. No one can know it all, so the availability of dictionaries and thesaurus is a welcome development in the writing service.

Even during professional writing, the excessive use of a particular word is not ideal. The use of dictionaries and thesaurus will drastically improve the overall quality of your writing and help make your presentation better.

Listen To Educational Podcasts

Educational podcasts are also a great way to hone your student’s writing skills. Depending on the type you decide to join, there are some classes where lessons are offered for free, and some which you have to subscribe to learn. Either way, podcasts are amazing.

With the grievous impact of COVID-19, and the need for social distancing, podcasts are a way to keep up with your education and still have no physical interaction with your teacher. And you can always go back to listen to these podcasts in your own leisure time, making it very appropriate.


Writing can be exciting and also cumbersome for a lot of students. However, with these innovative creations all over social media, this art has been made easier for a lot of people. With the use of your smartphones, you can get hundreds of materials that can help you improve English writing skills.

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