Hurricane Ian: How to Help

Cleveland (WJW) – Hurricane Ianlanded in Cuba on Tuesday and is now heading to Florida as northeastern Ohio prepares to respond to disaster relief efforts.

“The Red Cross plans to deploy hundreds of disaster response personnel, including many volunteers from Northern Ohio, to respond to Hurricane Ian,” said Jim, regional communications director for the Northern Ohio Red Cross. Mr McIntyre said. “From Canton he has one volunteer who is currently helping to set up the shelter.”

Category 3 hurricanes can bring life-threatening storm surges with winds of 120 miles per hour.

Additional trained volunteers will be available to staff shelters in the hardest-hit areas and provide “mass care” in areas where people are stuck at home, McIntyre said. He said he was waiting for a dispatch of up to two weeks.

Up to 20 crew members of the Falls Tree Expert will head to Tampa on Wednesday, where they can stay for two weeks to three months, according to business owner Eric Eckard, who began responding to hurricane relief efforts across the country in 1996. There is a nature.

“It’s really kind of a hit or miss, depending on what the storm dictates, because it helps clear roads and open access for first responders to enter. Every storm is different.” said Eckerd.

The goal of both organizations is to help people survive hurricanes that continue to show signs of increasing strength as they reach Florida.

“Storms are devastating to people, so I never pray or hope these storms come to people. I’m just thinking about all that they have to go through… It’s really hard,” Eckerd said.

The Red Cross needs additional volunteers. Find out how you can help. Hurricane Ian: How to Help

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