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Illyria, Ohio Man’s last wish is for his girlfriend to adopt his son

IllyriaOhio (WJW) — Ohio man with terminal cancer I have one last wish: to be his girlfriend. adoption his son.

Now it’s time to finalize the adoption arrangements for 11-year-old Brian Salisbury, who lives in Elyria. He had already lost his mother to cancer two years ago.

His father, David Leatherwood, 55, was diagnosed with stage 4 advanced cancer of the liver and lungs almost a month ago.

“They did a CAT scan of him and the nurse came back and sat with him in bed. She told him he had cancer and it was terrible,” Leatherwood’s 2 Girlfriend of the year, Lisa Lennox, said.

Salisbury’s mother died of colon cancer two years ago, Lennox said.

“David took care of her while she was dying. She was at home with David and Brian when she died,” Lennox said.

Salisbury is still working through the loss, but has only a few days left with her father, who is receiving hospice care at home.

“We talk and he brings it out a little bit, but I feel like he’s holding it back a lot,” Lennox said.

Meanwhile, Leatherwood’s last wish was to adopt Salisbury.

She said she started as soon as she found out about the diagnosis. GoFundMe to help expedite the process and subsidize funeral expenses.

Meanwhile, friends organized a spaghetti dinner on July 31st. German villa in Vermillion. All proceeds will be donated to the family.

https://www.nbc4i.com/news/state-news/local-man-dying-of-cancer-has-final-wish-for-his-son/ Illyria, Ohio Man’s last wish is for his girlfriend to adopt his son

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