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In the path of a total solar eclipse?how to make extra cash

(news nation) — Only a few days left until April 8th solar eclipsecommunity of path of wholeness An economic boom is expected as large numbers of tourists visit the area. best view.

Forbes magazine is $1 billion windfall For states that are on the road that runs through the center of the country, texas to Ohio To Maine.

The eclipse presents economic opportunities for those among the 31 million people on the path. Here's some advice from personal finance expert Gary Smith on how to get cash during your event.

Driving for ride-hailing services

If you're already a driver for ride-hailing services Uber or Lyft, working on the day of the solar eclipse might be a good plan.Areas like Hillsboro, Texas, are already saying they need more help. driver in order to help crowd.


Another idea is to provide parking spaces in driveways, on the lawn, or along the road, if permitted.


Is it comfortable? offer your home for rent Is it Airbnb or VRBO? Airbnb recently reported a 1,000% increase in searches for lodging as they improve their overall experience. Rental properties in these areas also outnumber hotels near trails by a 15-to-1 ratio.

old fashioned lemonade stand

Buy snacks and drinks in bulk costco Or selling it to Walmart and upselling it in the crowd can also bring in some extra cash. If you want to offer something a little more unique, Smith also suggested creating and selling commemorative T-shirts.

of solar eclipse — when the moon passes between the sun and Earth — is scheduled to occur on April 8th.

https://fox8.com/news/in-the-eclipse-path-of-totality-how-you-can-make-some-extra-cash/ In the path of a total solar eclipse?how to make extra cash

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