Is Joe Biden for Immigration Reform?

Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, is said to not be for increased immigration reform. He has given his stance on the issue in an interview with Univision radio host Fernando Espuelas.

During that interview, which was conducted at a ceremonial swearing-in event held at the Naval Observatory Residence, Biden said he is not interested in increasing immigration rates. When asked what the government will do regarding immigration reform, Biden simply stated that it is too early to tell what route Obama and Congress will take.

However, Joe Biden’s comments come as somewhat of a surprise because many were hoping for more immigrants rights during Obama’s second term after having such promises made before he won his first election.

During the interview, Biden also stated that he personally would not want someone who is in this country illegally to be deported and separated from their family, but was unable to predict whether Obama and Congress would agree on such a stance or not.

The State of US Immigration

Current immigration rates are at an all-time high in the United States. Due to this increase, there are over eleven million immigrants who are currently residing in the country illegally. Such a high number presents major problems for both law enforcement and immigrant advocates who believe that many of these people are being exploited because they fear deportation if they report crimes or other violations against them to authorities.

During Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign, he claimed that comprehensive immigration reform would be one of his top priorities during his second term as President if he was given another term.

He was reelected on November 6, 2012, which has led to increased speculation about whether or not he will actually go through with his promise later this year.

Public opinion is continuing to shift in favor of immigration reform since Obama’s first election win, but many are still opposed to the changes that are being proposed.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stated that he believed there would be bipartisan support for an immigration bill very early during Obama’s second term.

Reid also predicted that the key issues regarding Republican opposition would be how visas are distributed and border security.

He believes that both of these issues can be resolved without too much difficulty if Congress chooses to take up immigration reform again after all of their failed attempts during Obama’s first term.

However, Arizona Senator John McCain has claimed that this is not the case. He claims that there will be a lot of obstacles for those who would like to see immigration reform take place because Obama “lost badly” on his stance during the election.

McCain went as far as to say that he was uncertain as to whether or not comprehensive immigration reform could even pass the Senate during Obama’s second term.

Despite Republican opposition, many Democrats will continue to push for immigration reform regardless of political ramifications.

It is possible that Joe Biden and Harry Reid may decide to introduce a bill if one does not already exist before Congress even begins discussing immigration policy again this year.

Why Immigration Is a Touchy Subject in The US

In the United States, immigration is a very controversial subject. Often, many people think of immigration as someone who is coming from another country to live in America for an extended amount of time.

However, there are those who believe that this term pertains to anyone who enters the country through legal means and stays past their allotted time: whether they entered with a visa or not. Immigration reform refers to changing and amending US immigration policy; it has become especially important since the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in order to protect national security.

Each year more immigrants come into America illegally than those who do legally, which makes achieving comprehensive immigration reform even more difficult because such laws would need bipartisan support, something that is also difficult to achieve.

It is the hope of many Americans that Congress will pass an immigration reform bill this year so it can be sent off to President Obama who has promised on numerous occasions to champion a new immigration reform initiative during his second term as President.

What Joe Biden Thinks About Immigration Reform

In a speech given on April 17th, 2012 Joe Biden addressed US foreign policy concerns within the context of immigration reform when he stated “We have an obligation to demand more from ourselves and from each other.”

He also stated that America needed to be completely committed to promoting peace both here in the United States as well as abroad. An integral part of this commitment is what Biden calls a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill.

Although Biden did not explicitly state what his views were on such a bill, he did express concern over a recent study that claimed that the US government was spending too much money on immigration enforcement and not enough on foreign policy issues.

He went as far as to suggest that this was a waste of time because the Department of Homeland Security should focus more on terrorists instead of people who are here illegally. Biden also wanted to make clear the fact that those who came to America legally should be respected, even if they were immigrants.

In his speech Biden suggested “Let’s remember – we’re a nation of immigrants. We should honor those for whom immigration is still an aspiration.” With these statements it is clear that Joe Biden supports comprehensive immigration reform which would decrease illegal immigration into the US while at the same time maintaining a secure border, allowing for those who come here lawfully to be integrated into society with ease.

For Joe Biden, immigration reform is important and that should happen soon because he was against the Bush administration’s decision to spend more money on immigration enforcement than foreign policy issues.

What Can Comprehensive Reform Do?

Comprehensive immigration reform would decrease illegal immigration while also allowing people who come to America legally to become part of society without too many problems.

If Joe Biden wasn’t for immigration reform he probably wouldn’t have made the speech encouraging America to focus less on immigration enforcement and more on foreign policy, which Joe Biden seems to think is a big problem here in America.

  • Biden believes that immigration reform is important because he talked about how America needs to focus less on immigration enforcement and more on things like a foreign policy which Joe Biden thinks are a bigger deal at the moment.
  • Biden also made a speech that encouraged us not to stereotype immigrants or treat them harshly when they come into this country because they’re just trying to work hard for a better future for their families.
  • Biden believes that immigration reform is a big deal and important because he encouraged Congress to pass a bill that would significantly decrease illegal immigration while also treating immigrants who come here for a better life in a respectful way.
  • Biden supports comprehensive immigration reform he could be supporting measures that will decrease illegal immigration into the US, allow those who come here lawfully to integrate with ease and treat immigrants in America with respect.
  • Biden wants people to focus less on immigration enforcement and more on foreign policy issues because if we don’t have an effective foreign policy then terrorist groups might be able to get their hands on weapons somewhere else other than the US which Joe probably doesn’t want.

Biden also talked about how we need to focus less on immigration enforcement and more on foreign policy issues so joe probably agrees with comprehensive immigration reform which would result in less illegal immigration into the US, easier integration of immigrants who come here lawfully, and treating immigrants with respect when they come here to live.

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