Is PEMF Good For Liver

The liver is one of the major organs located near your abdomen. ‘Major’ because it plays a key role in digesting food and detoxifying your body. Several liver dysfunctions could occur in the body, such as certain forms of viruses, genetics, and cancer.

Although there are different treatments designed for liver diseases, some of them may be expensive and painful. Luckily, there is a non-invasive way to heal inflammation of the liver. Many conventional therapies may have failed in this area, but PEMF therapy has proven to heal inflammation in the body.

In this article, we will discuss how the virus may occur, what triggers the inflammation, the effects of PEMF therapy on the liver, and how Healthy Line can help.

Causes of Inflammation in the Liver

It’s no surprise that several body functions are linked directly or indirectly to the liver. The medications and supplements you take a pass through your liver. The liver helps to break down these chemicals and drugs, but if you abuse these chemicals, your liver can get swollen.

Since the liver handles the metabolic functions of your body, its inflammation can result in serious health issues. As the liver gets bigger, you may experience excruciating pain and bloat near the abdomen. Drug abuse, medication overdose, alcoholism, and viruses can affect your liver.

Symptoms of Liver Damage

There are several symptoms of liver disorders but a lot of them are not usually obvious. Below are some of the alarming signs of liver disease.

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Extreme pain in the abdomen
  • Swelling near the stomach area
  • Change in urine color
  • Loss of appetite
  • Jaundice

How PEMF Therapy Heals Liver Inflammation

The liver is a very complex organ, but inflammation of the liver is one topic anyone can explain, as long as they understand its role in your overall health. It’s natural for every medication or supplement you ingest to pass through your liver. The major function of every liver is to detoxify chemicals and metabolize medications.

Inflammation may easily occur in the liver when you abuse drugs, alcohol, or possibly, obtain a virus. This also applies in cases where viral hepatitis is present. When inflammation affects your liver, you may experience extreme pain in the upper right side of your abdomen.

The pain and nausea are natural alarms of your body to signal you that something has gone wrong. Inflammation on the liver causes scarring, which means that your cells will not be able to function normally. This is the target area of PEMF therapy to prevent inflammation.

How PEMF Therapy Works For Pain

As earlier stated, extreme pain is one of the major symptoms of liver disorder. Painkillers may not be the best option because they can even make your condition more terrible. PEMF therapy is a better and effective option.

This therapy will naturally reduce any associated pain, leaving no side effects. The pulse released from the body maintains the natural electric field of the body and increases blood circulation. As the blood circulation increases, it also improves the oxygen supply at the cellular level, boosting the healing process.

Get A PEMF Device

The most convenient thing about everything is that you can get PEMF therapy in the home. You can purchase any of the PMF devices from the healthy line outlet. The healthy line provides revolutionary PEMF mats and far-infrared mats designed to improve your health and wellness.

PEMF devices are easy to use. For cases of liver inflammation, the mats can help to soothe any form of pain. The proper and regular use of PEMF therapy can regenerate and heal your liver cells, reducing any signs or symptoms.


PEMF therapy is great for your liver as it treats your body cells and activates a natural healing process. If you can easily get this treatment yourself with the help of PEMF devices, then there is no reason not to use PEMF for your liver. All the best!


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