Is Thunderkick a new slots developer? 

Slot gaming has become a big business and it is not just because of the revenue this industry generates. The slot gaming industry also employs thousands of people, and this is why it is considered a major force in the entertainment industry. Designers, artists, digital animators, and computer programmers are just a few of the creative minds needed to produce a slot game – read about fruit machine cheats.

As you can imagine, the slot developing industry is a highly competitive one that is ruled by a handful of mega-successful big companies that produce a large percentage of all the games. Despite this, there is still room for the small to mid-sized studios to leave their mark and grow. It is, however, hard for new developers to get a foothold into the industry, and only a series of hit slots, or the creation of innovation in gameplay, such as the Megaways mechanism, that becomes highly sought after by others, can bring quick success. 

Thunderkick: A Closer Look

Thunderkick may sound like a new slot studio, but they have been around since 2012. Admittedly, when they did first appear on the scene, they operated from a tiny studio in Stockholm and the entire operation was fronted by just two people, who thought that their creativity and ideas, could compete with the giants of the industry. 

Thunderkick Today

Today Thunderkick is still considered to be one of the smaller slot development studios out there, but two people have now become fifty. However, with such a small team, the emphasis is mostly on quality rather than quantity, when it comes to slot game productions. Another positive of being such a small team is that Thunderkick remains an independent production company that can take risks when it comes to creativity and slot gaming ideas. Since all aspects of their slots are created in-house and not outsourced to others, their slot games maintain a unique style and look. Because of this, this Swedish company has a track record of being innovators thanks to some quirky gaming graphics and slot themes. 

What to Expect from Thunderkick Slots?

Thunderkick slots are all about creating a fun and colourful gaming experience. Whilst they may not be on top of everyone’s list of slots to spin, if you do encounter a Thunderkick production, then you can expect something a little different from what you are used to. This is mostly down to the original style and graphics that accompany many of their games. 

Some of their games you may have played include Esqueleto Explosivo that revolves around the Day of the Dead carnival celebrating in Mexico on the 1st and 2nd of November. It’s loud and colourful and with exploding skulls and skeletons the main stars of the reels, don’t expect anything but fun, despite the theme. 

1429 Uncharted Seas is probably the next biggest slot popularity-wise to come out of the Thunderkick studios and this slot is famous for having one of the highest RTP scores of 98.6% 

Although Thunderkick is not new and has been around for some considerable time, they do bring a new gaming experience to the slot gaming table.

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