Justin Fields is starting QB ‘now’

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pauls said Tuesday that there are plans “for now” for Justin Fields to become the team’s starting quarterback in 2023.

Paul’s comments came out of the NFL Scouting Combine a day after reports surfaced that the Bears would take the overall No. 1 pick this week. He added that it should continue to be

“I think it’s always been that way. We’ve always leaned that way. Justin has been doing really great things, so I’m really excited to see where his game goes.

“But at the same time, when you’re sitting in our situation as number one overall, you have to do your due diligence. You have to research everything. You have to spend time with them. It’s the right decision.” he added.

Pauls was directly asked if Fields would be the Bears’ starter next season.

“That’s the plan now. I’m going to do my homework in this class,” said Pauls.

Head coach Matt Everfuls said the Bears still value “everything”, but praised Fields’ play last season and his desire to improve.

“All options are open,” Everfluth said. “At the moment, we are all open and looking at all options.”

Everflus said Fields is focused on improving as a passer.

“The key thing we discussed with him is to accept what the defense gives you and then move on,” Everflus said Tuesday.

Playing it in the cage, the Poles could push the price up with deals from top picks.

Alabama quarterback Bryce Young and Ohio State’s CJ Stroud are expected targets for the Indianapolis Colts, who want to move up from fourth place to avoid losing to elite passers. The Houston Texans own the No. 2 pick and are also in the QB market. Also, many top 10-qualified teams are likely to trade his match when Pauls starts weighing offers.

The Poles said “first conversations” took place.

“Nothing specific about the players, picks, etc. I’m just curious,” he said.

–Field level media

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