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(WJW) — Kim Kardashian’s new work Podcast on Criminal Justice Reform It all started here in Ohio

“The System: The Case of Kevin Keith” focuses on the life of a convicted Ohio man. 1994 triple murder.

Marichell Chatman, 24 years old. her four-year-old daughter, Marche; Marichell’s 39-year-old aunt Linda her chatman died in the shooting.

For 30 years, he and his family have insisted on his innocence and want a retrial.

He spent several years in Death Row before becoming governor at the time. Ted Strickland commuted Keith’s sentence to life imprisonment without parole in 2010, saying there were questions about the evidence and an “embarrassing” failure to investigate other suspects.

The evidence, attorneys argue, lies in several allegations that came to light years later that jurors had never heard of.

— A statement from another suspect who was paid to “neutralize” an informant head of drug enforcement weeks before the shooting.

— documents showing that the same suspect wore a mask during the crime similar to the one Keith allegedly wore that night.

— The location of the bullet casing used to allude to Keith may have been incorrect.

“What he got in 1994 doesn’t even come close to a fair trial,” said Rachel Trautman, supervising attorney for the death penalty division at the state public defender’s office.

The first two episodes of the podcast’s eight episodes aired on Mondays, with new episodes airing every Monday thereafter.

Kardashian, who narrates it, works with veteran true crime producer Lori Rothschild Ansaldi. The two work with investigators, experts and others to discuss the intricacies of Keith’s case, uncovering cracks in the story and highlighting how they say our legal system is being broken.

“The Kevin Keith and Bucyrus Estate case is deeply twisted and incredibly heartbreaking in every way,” Kardashian told Keith in the first episode. Just to get your story out there.”

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