Kyiv hit by new Russian attack from ‘Kamikaze’ drones

Kyiv came under renewed Russian attack on Monday.kamikaze drone” was used against the capital of Ukraine.

In a statement, the head of the president’s office, Andriy Yermak, confirmed the explosion in Kyiv and said using drones as munitions would backfire.

He asked for more air defense assistance from the West.

Speaking on the social media platform Telegram, Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko said a mission from Russian drones had set fire to a non-residential building in the city’s central Shevchenkiv district.

Several other buildings were damaged, and medical personnel are on site to assess the number of casualties and the situation, Klitschko said.

A drone fell to the ground during an attack in Kyiv on Monday morning. Kokichi Chiba/AFP – Getty Images

The mayor tweeted that an air raid warning had been issued for the entire city and would continue. He urged residents to find shelter and stay there.

Alexander Kamyshin, CEO of the national railway company, said the attack reached near Kyiv’s main railway station, but trains were still running on schedule.

for the time being he murmuredthe passengers were safe.

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said: He had no plans to continue the massive airstrikes ‘for now’ His army was unleashed across the country last week.

The attack was framed by the leader as revenge. The blast that interrupted his signature bridge From Russia to the annexed Crimea.

Image: Ukraine-Russia-Conflict-War
Officers open fire as they attempt to disarm the drone attack. Kokichi Chiba/AFP – Getty Images

Air strikes sparked renewed support from Kyiv’s Western allies. The Pentagon said Friday it will send a new wave of military aid expected to include missiles, rockets and anti-tank weapons.

Last week, President Joe Biden also vowed in a phone call with Zelensky to provide Ukraine with the advanced air defense system it desperately wants to fend off an attack like Monday’s.

The White House used to reluctant to use technology In Ukraine, they fear Russia will see them as one step closer to direct involvement in the war.

This is a developing story. Please check the latest information.

Beatrice Gusaldi, Anastasia Parafeniuk When Darina Mayer contributed.

https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/kyiv-new-attack-kamikaze-drones-ukraine-says-rcna52496 Kyiv hit by new Russian attack from ‘Kamikaze’ drones

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