Lawsuit seeks to eliminate Ohio school voucher program

Columbus, Ohio (W.C.M.H.) — The Public Schools Union is seeking to expand its ranks as its lawsuit against the state approaches its trial date.

An organization called Vouchers Heart of Ohio ed choiceVouchers that allow designated public school students to attend participating private schools.

The lawsuit said these vouchers hurt public schools as more and more people attend them. apply to them.

Voucher advocates say the idea is to allow parents to choose where their children are sent. Opponents of vouchers say it's about the separation of church and state and that the program is not being implemented as promised.

voucher heart ohioWe are suing to eliminate EdChoice vouchers. Dozens of school districts have signed on, and the organization is looking to attract more participants.

“I taught in Arlington schools for 30 years, 34 years, two of which were charter schools,” said Betsy Obrokta, a former UA school teacher. “But my biggest hope is that there is a value placed on public education.”

Obrokta helped organize Wednesday's event where people gathered to learn more about why there is a lawsuit against the state over the voucher program. Former Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper was one of the speakers.

“For a long time, people talked about vouchers as if they were a narrow path to getting people in poor neighborhoods into better schools,” Pepper said.

That's not the case now, he said.

“The people who are primarily making money here are already choosing to go to private schools,” Pepper said. “They've been going to that school, often their entire lives. All they're doing now is getting public funding to do what they're already doing.”

Troy McIntosh is Ohio Christian Education Network. The coalition supports his EdChoice voucher program.

“We don't believe this lawsuit has any real merit because there is nothing in the state constitution that prohibits these types of programs,” McIntosh said.

These vouchers are important, he said.

“Vouchers essentially make parents far better judges of what is the best education for their children than the government, which arbitrarily assigns children to schools based on zip code,” McIntosh said. It's a way to make people realize that.”

Vouchers Heart of Ohio argued that vouchers are unconstitutional.

“It was important to litigate rather than allow the unconstitutional law to continue,” said Charlie Wilson, former president of the Worthington School Board. “My problem is that the state doesn't want to be involved in religion or the church. And as soon as the state starts funding religion and its schools, the state becomes deeply intertwined, auditing and monitoring religion.” You will learn to do so.”

The case will be heard in November.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/ohio/lawsuit-seeks-to-eliminate-school-voucher-program-in-ohio/ Lawsuit seeks to eliminate Ohio school voucher program

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