Lawsuit to Block Ohio’s August Special Election

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Disputes in the pending August state election filed a lawsuit Friday afternoon seeking a complete cancellation of the election.

The legal challenge complaint names Ohio’s Jenniece Bullock, Brent Edwards, and Christopher Tavener, along with participants in the one-one-one-vote movement, all four of whom have voted for the legitimacy of the election. are disputing. August election Approved by Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose. The Ohio House of Representatives voted Wednesday to continue the campaign on the single issue of whether to make amendments to the state constitution more difficult, in line with party line.it was already passed the SenateThat is, it was then sent to Larose’s desk for signature.

If the bill passes, Ohioans would need to reach a 60% majority, not 50% plus 1, to pass a constitutional amendment. Also, putting the initiative on the ballot would require the signatures of all 88 Ohio counties, rather than the 44 currently required.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit cited the state legislature’s five-month ban on special elections across the state and LaRose’s own comments that turnout in the August election was “embarrassingly low.” Their complaint seeks the Ohio Supreme Court to compel LaRose to exclude the issue from the August ballot and suspend full participation in the election by county election officials.

“The General Assembly amended Ohio law to allow elections only during November, March or May. spokesman Dennis Willard said.

After signing the resolution to conduct the August elections, Larose defended his decision, saying voters should have a choice.

“Like most other states, a supermajority in Congress decided to ask Ohio voters key questions about protecting the state’s constitution,” LaRose wrote. “That’s how democracy works.”

Edwards’ online profile lists him as an election campaign expert for the Ohio Democratic Party. Brock is listed as an advocacy director for the Ohio organizing body.

Click here to read the full lawsuit complaint.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/ohio/ohios-special-august-election-now-has-a-legal-challenge-to-stop-it/ Lawsuit to Block Ohio’s August Special Election

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