Local Athlete plays in World Youth Soccer Cup in Sweden

STEUBENVILLE, OHIO (WTRF) — A young local athlete got to experience something this summer that not many kids get to. 

Gino Scaffidi, a 12-year-old from Steubenville, Ohio played as a member of the 12u USA team in this year’s World Youth Soccer Cup in Sweden also known as the Gothia Cup.

Scaffidi and his team were the first 12u USA boys team in history to advance to the final round of the tournament.

The team fell short in the championship game against Mexico after they tied 2-2 and then lost in penalty kicks 5-4 to finish second overall in the tournament that featured several different countries.

Gino shared how exciting the experience was for him and what he enjoyed most about it.  

”My favorite part playing in Sweden was probably playing against like different countries. I mean it was a great experience overall and just seeing how different countries play and competing against them. It was just a great experience.”

Gino Scaffidi – 12u USA Team

7News congratulates Gino and Team USA on their amazing run this summer.  

https://www.wtrf.com/jefferson-county/local-athlete-plays-in-world-youth-soccer-cup-in-sweden/ Local Athlete plays in World Youth Soccer Cup in Sweden

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