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FORT WAYNE, Indiana (WOWO) – Fort Wayne’s mother has filed a plea deal in connection with the death of a girl.

Emily Tudor, 38, has agreed to plead guilty to all charges, according to a news partner. 21 aliveTudor’s charges are on three counts: dependent negligence when defendant endangered dependents and dependent negligence causing serious injury.

In July 2021, Tudor was staying at the Quality Inn with his four children. At about 2:00 am on July 10, one of Tudor’s children was found alone by a hotel employee knocking on the door.

A hotel employee went to Tudor’s room, woke up, saw two small children lying in bed, and told officers that he had found a third child when Tudor moved out. .

In an interview with a police officer, Tudor said she was addicted to methamphetamine, but did not use it while she was with her children. did.

Upon examining her text messages, investigators learned that Tudor had texted her father telling her that the girl was dead and that there were many drugs in the room. I told Tudor to call 911 after I went to my hotel room and got all the medicines.

Tudor later said he tested positive for meth when he took a drug test after going on a “three-day binge.”

If her plea deal is approved by a judge, Tudor faces up to nine years in prison. Her sentencing is scheduled for February 10, 2024.

https://www.wowo.com/local-mother-looking-for-plea-deal-in-childs-death/ Local Mother Seeking Plea Deal in Child’s Death – WOWO 1190 AM

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