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Lottery vs. Keno: What is the Difference?

What’s your favorite game, online keno or lottery?

Or are you considering trying your hands on one but not sure which is ideal for you?

Well, the question shouldn’t be about the best but the difference. “What is the difference between keno and lottery?”. This is mainly because the two games are pretty much alike. They both evolve on the same core basis – selecting a series of numbers hoping they are the winning numbers. Therefore, if you are used to regular KBC lottery number check, you already know how to play keno. So what is the difference between the two?

Let’s find out. This article will explore the crucial aspects of these games, noting the difference between them.

What is the Difference between Keno and Lottery?

  1. Game Structure:

Both games have the same basis. The punters are required to choose a series of numbers from a pool of numbers. The difference comes in on the game structure – pool numbers and amount of numbers players can select. Typically, keno has a broader collection of digits than the lottery. Usually, keno utilizes numbers from 1 to 80, while lotteries involve digits between 1 and 35 or 50.

Additionally, the sum of numbers players can select differ significantly. Keno allows players to select up to 20 digitsand as little as three numbers. Most lotteries, on the other hand, lets you choose a series of 3 to 6 numbers.

  1. Winnings:

The payouts also vary significantly between the two games. Usually, winnings are predetermined in lotteries. As such, when your predictions come true, you win a specific amount of money, or the prize put up for winning. Also, in the lottery, you either win or lose. You can not win a fraction of the predetermined reward.

On the other hand, Keno games offer you a chance to win a fraction of the main reward. Typically, each number selected gives you a particular fraction of the primary prize. Therefore, if some of the chosen numbers come up on the draw, you win a specific percentage of money. For example, if three digits on your prediction of eight numbers are correct, you bag some money, unlike in a lottery where you will lose all.

Additionally, unlike in the lottery are where the prizes are predetermined, the amount of winnings in keno games is primarily based on your predictions and the amount you wager. The higher your wager, the more cash you bag for every accurate selection. On the lottery, however, a bet of ₹100 can give you up to a million rupees.

  1. Gaming Rate:

If you are looking for fast play games, keno games are ideal. The results are generated instantly – you do not have to wait for draws. Therefore, there is no anxiety in keno. Also, you can play again immediately. On the other hand, the lottery does not offer a fast play experience. Here, you have to wait for draws, which happens after some time – usually after a few business days. The operator specifies the date and time for draws.

  1. Winning Odds:

The odds of winning are almost the same in both games. However, because of the broader pool of numbers in keno, the winning odds are significantly lower than in the lottery. Also, the capability to participate in multiple draws with the same lottery ticket improves the lottery’s odds of winning.

  1. Convenience:

When it comes to convenience, lotteries are preferable. Notably, keno games are only available in land-based and online casinos only. Therefore, you must commute to your nearest casino or have an internet-connected device to engage with the games. On the other hand, you can buy lottery tickets online or at local kiosks, supermarkets, or shopping malls. More interestingly, some lottery providers such as KBC JIO lottery offers lotto services through social sites like WhatsApp, making the lottery more convenient to many.


Both keno and lottery games offer almost equal pleasure. Also, they are pretty easy to play. Interestingly, you can engage in both efficiently, as playing is practically the same. As such, if you can be trying your luck on keno games as you wait for the KBC WhatsApp lottery winner 2022 list to be released. If you are lucky, the games can make you the next millionaire on earth.

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