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Lucas Metropolitan Housing awards grant for new security camera

The four complexes will be equipped with new camera and server equipment. The LMH said between 30 and 37 documented gangs were involved in illegal activities on their property last year.

Toledo, Ohio — lucas metropolitan housing New security cameras and data servers will be installed from a $250,000 federal grant awarded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

according to lucas metropolitan housingbetween 30 and 37 documented gangs were involved in illegal activities on their properties last year.

LMH officials say the current video system is outdated and needs to be upgraded.

Citing 2021 data, the LMH said in its grant application that there was an 18% increase in robberies and a 9% increase in sexual crime reports.

And in 2021, gun violence and homicides in Toledo will rise for the first time in 20 years. The upgraded cameras and servers are expected to significantly reduce response times, deter crime, and help catch criminals within the home premises.

LMH spokesperson Matthew Sutter said, “Our mobile patrol officers have tablets in their cars so they can use TPD to pull up the camera in near real time. So we can see that footage. It can also be clipped and provided to criminal investigations if necessary.”

These upgrades will be rolled out first to the McClinton Nunn, Collingwood Green and Port Lawrence apartment complexes in central Toledo and Vistula Manor in downtown Toledo.

LMH also owns 12 more facilities in the city, with future upgrades planned.

“We have a central resident advisory board that provides feedback,” says Sutter. “Safety and security are always a top priority for them, and since we can use our own funds and grants like this to enhance safety and security, we will take advantage of that.”

Sutter also said the new system will make it easier to clip portions of surveillance video shared with law enforcement in criminal investigations.

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https://www.wtol.com/article/news/local/lucas-metropolitan-housing-security-cameras-grant-crime/512-a08657ca-7ed6-415f-8b29-e966efc1ffb3 Lucas Metropolitan Housing awards grant for new security camera

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