Man killed in Dayton police ‘serious case’ investigation

Dayton, Ohio (WDTN) — 62-year-old Antonio Ruiz, a key figure in the Dayton Police Department’s “major case” investigation, has died, police have confirmed.

Last Friday, the Dayton Police Department Press conference About the “serious incident” that happened on June 7th.

At 5:49 a.m. Wednesday, June 7, police said the regional command center was called about an empty and damaged white SUV near Gillespie Park in the DeSoto Bus apartment complex. The SUV had deployed airbags and was starting to emit smoke.

Dayton police and fire departments were dispatched. When Officers Chelsea Weitz and Dylan Lehotei approached Antonio Ruiz, he told them he needed help.Police called for Louis’ paramedics at 6:03 a.m.

As they waited for the medic, Lewis became agitated, turned his back on the cruiser, and raised his fist. Officers tried to handcuff him, but he resisted and a fight broke out, police said.

During the fray, Lewis reportedly grabbed one of the officer’s tasers and ripped it from his work vest. Officers were able to handcuff Lewis. Police said the man lost consciousness after being handcuffed.

Lewis was rushed to hospital at 6:28 a.m., where drug paraphernalia was reportedly found on his body upon arrival.

Dayton Police are investigating the two officers involved.

An autopsy will determine whether an external investigation is performed. Man killed in Dayton police ‘serious case’ investigation

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