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Marital Settlement Agreement vs. Divorce Decree: Differences to Know

Couples in divorce are often confused with the multiplicity of documents and processes they go through. Still, you have no right to lack knowledge or understanding here since divorce outcomes define the life you will have afterward. If you have any questions about marital settlement agreement vs. divorce decree, it is the best time to expand your visions. Additionally, you can ask your attorney or online divorce in Pennsylvania for a deeper explanation and assistance with any of the documents. 

Marital Settlement Agreement

Before you manage to finalize your failed marriage, you have to divide the rights and duties between you and your soon-to-be-ex. This is where you need to clearly understand what is a divorce settlement agreement. The document is intended to clarify what your life of divorcee will include from your family life and what new will emerge. This means that you and your spouse ought to come to terms regarding custody, property and debts division, spousal support, and more.

You can do everything without experts’ help and create a document on your own. Still, it is better to get a lawyer to have a look at your papers to check out whether they are eligible to be processed further. 

Yet, if you find it troublesome writing a divorce agreement by yourself, you can seek assistance either online or offline. It is advised to hire a mediator, a family counselor, or a divorce lawyer, to guide you through the process. this will enable you to make the top beneficial decisions and create a document without mistakes. 

Mind that you need to select the specialist considering your intentions. A mediator will only direct you through the process, making your discussions organized and docs properly tailored. On the other hand, a separate divorce lawyer on each side will grant you lawful advice and help you get the best possible living conditions once your marriage is over. A family counselor can act both as a mediator and a therapist to help you cope with your family issues before you make final decisions and set to the process. 

Once you are ready with your divorce settlement agreement it is time to think about a divorce decree.

Divorce Decree

The fact is that your marital settlement agreement will be eventually included in the final divorce decree. This makes it essential to sort out what is divorce decree. Once you have the settlement agreement ready, you hand it out to the court. The judge will review and approve it unless it contradicts the law or the equitability beliefs of the judge. In the latter case, the agreement will be amended respectively. Then the paper will be added to the final decree which terminates your marriage. The moment you get the decree signed, your official partnership with your spouse is over and your divorce settlement agreement is enforced. 

If you compare the marital settlement agreement vs. divorce decree, both documents are of high importance in the end-of-marriage process. Still, you can go without the marital settlement agreement, while the absence of a divorce decree won’t let you put the end to your marriage officially. 

In case you don’t have either time or desire to bother about the settlement agreement, you can pass your case to the court. Then the hearing will be appointed and the judge will decide the applicable rights and duties distribution for your family. Although such a scenario may save you time and health, depriving you of endless discussions and arguments, it may turn out to be not the best option for your future. When completing the marital settlement agreement you have the vote how your life of divorcee will look like. On the contrary, a judge is a complete stranger that can make decisions that seem fair and appropriate but don’t make your family happy in the end.

This makes it significant to put extra efforts to prepare the marital settlement agreement well to guarantee the best surrounding and conditions for your further life. While the divorce decree is another must-have document to finalize your marital life officially and grant you another chance to seek happiness.

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