Mayor Trumbull races to highlight preliminary vote

(WKBN) – Trumbull County’s two longtime mayors will have a challenger in the May 2 primary.

Incumbent Warren Mayor Doug Franklin will run against current City Councilman Ken McPherson in the Democratic primary, and incumbent Girard Mayor Jim Melfi will run in the Democratic primary against city treasurer and Girard School Board. He will face Mark Zuppo, who is also the president of the association.

In Warren, former State Representative Mike O’Brien is set to run as a Democrat on the city council as a whole. O’Brien will face incumbents Gary Steinbeck and Helen Rucker, and candidate Christina Anderson. 3 people will be selected.

Warren also has 28 people registered to serve on the charter committee if the charter issue is passed in May. With Blank are former mayors Dan Sfera and Hank Angelo.

In Mahoning County, five of the seven Youngstown City Council members will have a challenger in May or November. Running unopposed are Samantha Turner and Mike Ray.

In Struthers, three applied to be city judges. They are incumbents Dominic Leone and James Melone, who are running for the Democratic Party, and Jennifer Ciccone, who is running for the Republican Party.

Here is a list of all submitted nominations and issues: All must be approved by their respective county board of elections.

Mahoning County

Youngstown District Court Judge

Kara Baldwin (Democrat)

Youngstown Court Clerk

Richard Vincent Hill (Democrat)

Youngstown 1st Ward Council

Julius Oliver (Dem)

Dionne Dowdy Lacy (Democrat)

Tracy Randall (Representative)

Youngstown 2nd Ward Council

Jimmy Hughes (Democrat)

Ra’cole Taloan (Dem)

Youngstown Third Ward Council

Samantha Turner (Dem)

Youngstown 4th Ward Council

Mike Ray (Dem)

Youngstown 5th Ward Council

Patrick Kelly (Dem)

Carrie Watson (Dem)

Youngstown 6th Ward Council

Anita Davis (Dem)

Janet Tarpley (Democrat)

Youngstown 7th Ward Council

Basia Adamzak (Dem)

Josie Lyon (Representative)

Campbell District Court

Brian J. McCullah (Democrat)

Mayor Struthers

Catherine Cercone Miller (Dem)

Struthers Jury

Christina S. Ball (Dem)

Struthers District Court Judge

Jennifer Ciccone (Representative)

Dominic R. Leone, III (Dem)

James A. Melone (Dem)

Struthers Legal Director

John N. Zomoida Jr. (Democrat)

Struthers Chairman

Michael Patrick (Dem)

Struthers Council at Large (selected from 3)

James Barack (Democrat)

Dallas Bigley (Democrat)

Megan Pingree (Dem)

Struthers 1st Ward Council

Lori A. Greenwood (Dem)

Struthers Second Ward Council

Ron Carcheri (Democrat)

Struthers Third Ward Council

Robert Burnside (Democrat)

Struthers 4th Ward Council

Rick Bayuss (Dem)

Polish village council

J. Michael Thompson (Democrat)


Beaver Township Renewal Fire Station 1 mil for 5 years

Beaver Township Renewal Fire Station 1.5 million over 5 years

Beloit Village Additional Fire Station 6 Mil for CPT

Youngstown Schools Renewal Urgent Requirement 9.51 Mils over 4 Years

liquor options

Springfield 3 Columbiana May’s Craze for Sunday Sale

Boardman 9 Hanna Sayej-Tobacco City Weekly and Sunday Sale

Boardman 13 Weekly & Sunday Morning Chef

Austin Town 9 Cracker Barrels for Sunday Sale

Trumbull County

Warren District Court

Tracy Timko (Dem)

Patti Leopardi Knepp (Dem)

Mayor Warren

Doug Franklin (Dem)

Ken McPherson (Dem)

warren auditor

Vincent Flask (Dem)

Warren Low Director

Enzo Cantalemessa (Dem)

Warren City Council Speaker

John Brown (Democrat)

Warren City Council Overall (Election 3)

Gary Steinbeck (Dem)

Helen Rucker (Dem)

Mike O’Brien (Democrat)

Christina D. Anderson (Dem)

warren city council 2nd Ward

Andrew Harman (Dem)

warren council 3rd Ward

Greg Greathouse (Dem)

Warren City Council 4th Ward

Jim Shaffer (Democrat)

Kristen Riley (Representative)

Warren City Council 5th Ward

Tiffany Stanford (Democrat)

Ashley Minor-McBride (Democrat)

Warren City Council 6th Ward

Haniya D. Price (Dem)

Warren City Council 7th Ward

Ron E. White, Sr. (Democrat)

Warren Charter Commission

Michael Homlitas

Sean Carbin

Dan Sfera

Anthony Ianucci Jr.

Donald Emerson Jr.

John Homlitas

Denise Rising

Dennis Blank

Cathy Moody

Dimitrios Aggelis

robert plant

Matthew Martin

Margaret Chiarella

Hank Angelo

Shir Lee Glover

Kenneth Perrine

Clarence Artman

Diane Philcorn

Tina Milner

David Walker

Stephen Andrew Turner

Rhonda Williamson-Bennett

Daniel Cruz

Stephen Duran

Alex McCuskey

Gary Stevens

John Woods

james walker

Niles District Court

Chris Shaker (Democrat)

Mayor Niles

Steve Minkiewicz (Dem)

Niles Jury

Giovanni Merlot (Dem)

Niles Legal Director

Philip Zuzoro (Democrat)

Chairman of the Niles Council

Robert L. Marino Jr. (Democrat)

Great Council of Niles (Elect 3)

Michael Rustic (Dem)

Lori Vlosic Fujik (Dem)

Jimmy Julian (Dem)

Linda Marchese (Democrat)

Niles City Council 1st Ward

Judy DeCristofero March (Dem)

Tina Collins (representative)

Niles City Council 2nd Ward

Aaron Johnston (Democrat)

Niles City Council 3rd Ward

James Seeley (Dem)

Niles City Council 4th Ward

Mindy Devolich (Dem)

Girard District Court

Jeffrey Adler (Democrat)

Mayor Girard

Jim Melfi (Democrat)

Mark Zuppo (Democrat)

Girard Jury

Julie Coleman (Dem)

Girard Law Director

Brian Kren (Dem)

Girard City Council President

Reinaldo Paolone (Democrat)

Whole Girard City Council

Samuel Giraffe (Democrat)

John Moriterno (Democrat)

Keith Schubert (Dem)

Girard City Council 1st Ward

Keith Shubert (Dem)

girard city council 2nd Ward

Mark Standher (Democrat)

girard city council 3rd Ward

Jeffrey Kaye (Democrat)

girard city council 4th Ward

Thomas Gramley (Democrat)

Mayor Hubbard

Ben Kyle (Democrat)

Hubbard General Counsel

Mark Villano (Democrat)

Entire Hubbard Council (Elect 3)

Michael Carr (Democrat)

Jerome Crow (Democrat)

Ryan Harapey (Democrat)

hubbard city council 1st Ward

Bonnie Ville (Dem)

hubbard city council 2nd Ward

Robin Zambrini (Dem)

hubbard city council 3rd Ward

Michael Mogg Sr. (Democrat)

hubbard city council 4th Ward

Cathy Cummings (Dem)

Rosetown Village Treasurer

George Eveling Jr. (Democrat)

Rosetown Public Relations Council

Mike Sullivan (Democrat)

Mayor of McDonald

Ray Lewis (Dem)

Macdonald Village Council

Donald W. Smith (Democrat)

Sean Schmidt (Dem)

Newton Falls District Court

Philip M. Vigorito (Democrat)

Todd Wedell (Democrat)

Mayor of Newton Falls

Ken Klein

David Nils Hanson

Newton Falls 1st Ward Council (Indefinite Term Ending December 31, 2025)

Julie Lemon (Rep)

Michael Kren

Jaime Klein (nonpartisan)

Patricia Venetis

Newton Falls 2nd ward council

Brian Axiotis

Tracy Hurst

condi bright

Newton Falls 4th ward council

Kevin Rufenor

questions and problems

Bazzetta Township 2 Mil Add Fire & EMS

Weathersfield Township Adds 3.95 Mils Fire & EMS

Girard 0.5 Mil Additional Parks and Recreation

Road Town .5% additional income tax

Maplewood Schools 3.95 Factory Update

Vienna Township 1 Mill Renewal Fire & EMS

Warren proposed a Charter Commission

Columbiana County

Colombiana City Council

Richard Liston (Representative)

Mayor of East Liverpool

Darlene Kinsey (Dem)

East Liverpool Jury

Marilyn Bosco (Democrat)

East Liverpool Legal Director

Charles Payne (Democrat)

East Liverpool Council President

No partisan filings

East Liverpool Council at Large (Elect 3)

John Mercer (Democrat)

East Liverpool Council 1st Ward

No partisan filings

East Liverpool Council 2nd Ward

C. Fred Rail (Dem)

East Liverpool Council 3rd Ward

No partisan filings

East Liverpool Council 4th Ward

No partisan filings

Mayor of Salem

Cindy Baronzi Dickie (Representative)

salem jury

Sal Salvino (representative)

Salem Legal Director

C. Brooke Zellers (Dem)

Salem Council Chair

Sarah Baronzi (Representative)

salem council 1st Ward

Sarah Bear (representative)

salem council 2nd Ward

Ronald Zellers (Democrat)

salem council 3rd Ward

Jane Bricker (Representative)

salem council 4th Ward

Jeff Stockman (Representative)

Mayor of Letonia

Kevin M. Ciembida (Representative)

Letonian Council

John Ferry Jr. (Democrat)

Sue A. Straubel (Dem)

Mayor of Lisbon

No partisan filings

Lisbon Council (two nominees from each party)

No partisan filings

Public Relations Committee (2 members from each party)

No partisan filings

Mayor of Wellsville

Robert Boley (Democrat)

Wellsville Council (nominating four members from each party)

Karen M. Dash (Representative)

Martin Keith Thorne Jr. (Representative)


City of Salem School District Bond Fees, 2.98 Mills, 37 Years, $22,500,000

Salem City School District Adds 0.5 Mil Permanent Improvement

Perry Township 1.5 Factory Update, 5 Years, Police & Fire

Oasis Golf and Sports Bar, Salem, Sunday Sale

Cadence Vault, Liverpool East, Sunday Sales

Pondies, Center Township, Sunday Sale

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