Meet Harbor Humane Society Employable Boston

The shelter staff believe he was not treated very kindly in his first home. Despite this, he holds no grudges and is said to be a very sweet and gentle puppy.

Ottawa County, Michigan — Meet Boston, an adorable 3-year-old looking for a forever family.he is available for his adoption Harbor Humanitarian Association Located in Ottawa County.

Foster parents in Boston describe him as sweet and lovable.He came to the shelter as a stray in August.

Not much is known about his past, but the shelter staff believe he was not treated very kindly, based on his initial actions. Despite this, they say he holds no grudges.

According to staff, Boston is very smart and easy to train, but is a complete self-paced dog who loves to play.

He enjoys sitting on your lap and watching football or hanging outside while you do yard work.

Boston has been in foster care for months with two bitches that adore him. Granted, he’s not a big fan of cats.

This handsome boy is ready to meet his best friend for life.If you are interested in applying for Boston adoption, please click here.

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