Miamisburg PD calls people with doorbell security system

MIAMIBURG, Ohio (WDTN) — Doorbell security systems are growing in popularity, and law enforcement officers are looking to use these devices as another tool to help solve crimes.

Cindi Threlkeld, downtown citizen patrol initiative officer for the Miamisburg Police Department, said members of the community can play an important role in resolving investigations.

“Many recent investigations have relied on public assistance to identify suspects and suspect vehicles, or to gather further evidence in full-scale investigations,” Threlkeld explained.

The Miamisburg Police Department is one of five police departments in the state selected by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office for the TALEN project. It’s a pilot program using an online platform called FusasThe Fusus real-time crime center in the cloud streamlines video and data from multiple sources, such as traffic and security cameras, and sends it to law enforcement on the ground.

Miamisburg PD is asking people to register their doorbell security systems with Fusus and provide the department with information about where these devices are located in the community.

“Once the cameras are registered, we can send an alert to the system telling them that a hitskip crash occurred in this radius. Can you check the cameras?” said Threlkeld.

If someone has footage that may be useful in an investigation, they can send it directly to the police department via the Fusus platform. Threlkeld says this reduces the time it takes to retrieve important information.

“We don’t have to figure out how to download it from their server or download it to a flash drive and get it. It’s kind of a streamlined way to handle our investigations.” Threlkeld said.

Residents only need to provide information such as their name, basic contact information and the location of security systems. Threlkeld also assured that all information provided would only be seen by the police department and only if the resident gave permission.

“We don’t have access to those cameras until you give us the information. Basically put a dot on the map and say this accident happened here. Here are the cameras. This area.” Let’s send an alert to and request information on this date for this set period of time,” Threlkeld said.

To register your security system, here.

https://www.wdtn.com/news/local-news/miamisburg-pd-calling-on-people-with-doorbell-security-systems/ Miamisburg PD calls people with doorbell security system

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