Mid-Ohio businesses, homes deal with burst pipes following extreme freeze

Columbus, Ohio (WCMH) – More and more homes, businesses and buildings are dealing with severe water and pipe damage after last week’s extreme cold.

One such building Tower of Leveque, was evacuated on Tuesday because of a broken pipe. A spokesperson said Wednesday that the building has since reopened. ohio state capitol We also had a serious leak on Tuesday.of Latitude Five 25 Apartments I was evacuated because there was a problem there.

When Libby Gierach, president and CEO of the Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce, arrived at work this week, she found water all over the floor of three rooms in her office. She had spent 30 years in this room, but she had never seen anything like it.

“It came from the ceiling,” Gierach said. “We could see the pipe. It was probably about a 6-inch rupture and we could see water coming out of it like a volcanic eruption. It was like, I couldn’t stop.”

Plumbing company crew The Waterworks handles about 1,000 calls a day.

The Waterworks President David Specht said: “The phone never stops ringing. Our technicians are visiting homes and businesses non-stop, and it’s a busy time for everyone.”

Back in Hilliard, the Chamber of Commerce is taking things one step at a time.

“We need to get new drywall, new ceiling tiles, new flooring, a whole nine yards,” Gierach said. “So this will be an adventure.”

Gierach said while the Chamber of Commerce was waiting for insurers to come out to assess the damage, after discovering what had happened, businesses around him were helpful and willing to work with him. I said there is.

https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/hilliard/central-ohio-businesses-homes-deal-with-ruptured-pipes-following-deep-freeze/ Mid-Ohio businesses, homes deal with burst pipes following extreme freeze

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