Missed Your Package? Don’t Worry, Here is What You Do

Packages go missing from time to time. But, let’s be honest, the majority of the time, if you’re looking for a lost package, it’s because it’s stolen from your doorway. Around millions of cases get into the register by USPS daily, citing missing package USPS as the case. So, what’s the further process??

It’s impossible to deny that lost mail or parcels are annoying. Whether you’re the recipient or the sender, you’re wasting your time and, in some situations, money. Because the USPS receives millions of pieces of mail every day, it’s understandable if a letter or package goes missing. But, regrettably, it’s even worse when it’s essential to mail or a costly shipment.

So you’re still waiting for your missing box or mail from the USPS. What do you do now? Fortunately, there are a few measures you may take to try to get your mail back. However, there’s no assurance that you’ll ever find your misplaced mail or parcel. To know about it, keep on reading! Here are some procedures you may take to get a refund for package theft, hunt down the thief, or deter porch pirates from doing their heinous crime.


To be honest, there are plenty of reasons why your mail or parcel can stray from its intended destination. It might result from weather deterioration (blurring the address or name) or the label or stamp coming loose. Most of the time, it’s because the address is inaccurate.

Even if it isn’t gravely incorrect, it may be the source of the problem. It is most likely the case if you entered a wrong number in the zip code or misspelled the street name.

However, it may be because you’ve relocated and neglected to complete the missing package USPS of Address form.

Make sure you write the address clearly using a permanent marker to give yourself the best chance of keeping your mail safe as far as possible.


  1. KEEP TRACK OF ALL RECORDS: Make sure you have all of your records and all of the information you require ahead of time. Depending on the circumstances, you’ll need receipts, tracking information, package descriptions, shipment dates, and proof of damage or worth. It will make the procedure quicker for you, but don’t waste any time since you must file the claim within 60 days of the package’s disappearance.
  2. APPLY FOR REFUND: Check with the shop to see if they can resend or refund your order. In every scenario when a shipment has been lost or stolen, we believe the first step is to establish communication between the shipper and the recipient. All major delivery providers and specific online merchants offer a mechanism to track down a misplaced or stolen product, and firms like New York provide excellent customer service. Contact them first if they sent your USPS shipment!
  3. CHECK FOR INSURANCE: Is it time to look for lost mail or file an insurance claim? What should I do first? If your item has insurance, you could file a Missing Mail Search as well as a Damaged or Missing Contents Insurance Claim. If you haven’t purchased insurance, your only choice is to do a Missing Mail Search. You will have a claim for reimbursement in shipping if your goods are in the category of missing or damaged.


  1. Check your tracking number before starting the Missing Mail Search:It would help if you double-checked the status of your parcel before beginning your Missing Mail Search. Searches for missing mail can be started seven days after the goods have been despatched. You’ll want to double-check the postal date and make sure you’re seven days out.
  2. Do a search for missing mail:You’ll need both the sender’s and receiver’s mailing addresses to begin your search. The size and type of envelope or box used to send and the mailing date and tracking number will be required by USPS. The contents description will aid in identifying lost mail and will assist you in obtaining reimbursement for damaged or missing products. Keep in mind that the Jpegs or PDFs you upload must be under 2MB.
  3. What are the next steps now that I’ve developed Mail Search? The search will be updated regularly by USPS. But yes, one can’t determine when these updates are issued; we assume it’s on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Found the mail: They discovered the missing package USPS! If this occurs, you are free to go. The mail or shipment will be forwarded to the address supplied by the USPS. Keep in mind that this only happens if the shipment was not severely damaged during shipping. They may locate the missing mail, but the damage precludes them from passing it to you.
  5. Recover your stuff: Request a refund if you sent your mail or parcel using Express or Priority Mail. These services promise that the things will be delivered and arrive on time or your money back.
  6. Check for insurance: Have you purchased insurance? If this is the case, you should make a claim right away. Below, next, they go over the claim procedure in further depth. Keep in mind that you have 60 days from the date of shipment to register a claim.

Finally, what next? Try to be smarter from next time onwards. But wondering how?

Packages or mail that is in the list of correct delivery. What next?

Ans- You won’t be able to submit a claim with USPS if they can verify that the shipment was on time because they kept their part of the contract.

Is this a sign that I’ve been a victim of package theft in NYC ? Ans- Yes. The USPS is not bound to pay your shipping or replacement costs if they have examined their facilities vehicles and have a record indicating your mail delivery at the right time and location. You are now a victim of mail or package theft, one of the fastest-growing crimes in the United States.

To whom may I report a parcel that has been stolen?

Ans- You have the option of filing a complaint with the United States Postal Inspector. The United States Postal Service maintains a police squad that investigates mail theft. You can also make a police report with the police department in your city or county. Keep in mind that this isn’t an emergency, so file the report online or via the non-emergency phone number.

What is the value of a report to me?

Ans- While neither of these selections will help, you will receive your package, and they will assist law enforcement in better understanding and mapping crime statistics in your region. If you purchased third-party package insurance or if your homeowner’s insurance supports it, one of these reports might be necessary to submit a claim.

What can you do to avoid package theft?

Ans- Install cameras and record them. Use a doorbell camera or an outdoor security camera to your advantage if you have one. If a shipment that was supposed to arrive isn’t there, check the footage. You can see if the carrier dropped off the box or if it’s stolen. If you notice a theft, contact your local police station. Alternatively, if you can verify that no one arrived at your door, the carrier (if you’re the shipper) or shipper (if you’re the recipient) will repay you upfront. Installing a camera on your doorstep might provide you with proof of missing delivery or theft.


Dealing with defective carriers and being a victim of missing package USPS or package theft is never pleasant. We hope that this information will assist you in taking precautionary steps, obtaining a refund, or obtaining a replacement as fast as possible.


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