Moment Falls: Installation of a public art sculpture made of garbage

Temporary art sculptures bring awareness to the amount of plastic in local homes.

CHAGLIN FALLS, Ohio — Saturday was World Arts Day. To celebrate, a new art sculpture was installed in downtown Chagrin Falls.

But this art is also meant to make us think about what we throw away.

Cleveland environmental artist Ron Shelton has installed his latest work. A large yellow panel has bright plastic shards that would normally wind up in a trash can.

“The framing is from a Tidy Cat toilet container that I dissected and put into this collage format. But the decoration is from a liquid detergent bottle found in your home,” says artist Ron Shelton. Told.

The work, called Wasp’s Nest, can be seen at Riverside Park in Shagrin Falls for one week leading up to Earth Day.

“Basically, we’re dealing with the overuse of plastic in our culture,” Shelton said.

This message sculpture is a collaboration with a local gallery and educational center.

Valley Art Center Julie Porcinelli, assistant director and gallery manager of the Valley Art Center, said:

In March, about 45 people gathered to form a panel. Each group works with a different color. Turning trash into art made the Waskak family think about how much plastic they use every day.

Chagrin Falls resident Greg Waskak said, “I wonder what artists are currently using to spread their word and knowledge about not only their art, but the various plights that are happening in the world. Amazing.

“In fact, help save the planet a little bit, because we don’t waste it,” said young Lily Waskak.

The recycled plastic was from the community collected by the art center.

“I add something special like I cut it a certain way so I know it’s the part I wear,” said Aiden Waskak.

As the art got better, people stopped praising it and asking questions… exactly what the artist intended.

“I’m very happy that the public has received it,” Shelton said. , to raise awareness of what plastics are doing to our environment.

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