Morgan Taylor Named Regional Recruitment Manager for Ohio Chillicothe

Start your college career Lancaster, Ohiotook some summer classes at Ohio Chillicotheand a graduate of Ohio University Patton College of Education Morgan Taylor had a unique experience on three Ohio University campuses. She now uses that first-hand experience to work as the Regional Recruitment Manager for Chillicothe at Ohio University.

Taylor chose to start her college career at OHIO Lancaster because it was an affordable option and allowed her to maintain a work schedule while attending college. , obtained his degree at the Athens campus. After she graduated in 2019, Taylor decided to make the transition to her higher education after working two years at a middle school in her hometown of Asheville, Ohio. Before she assumed the role of Regional Recruitment Manager, she served as her Advisor for Admissions at the Athens campus.

“I’m really excited to be able to help students access college and access the opportunities they have in their backyards,” Taylor said. I don’t think so.”

Taylor visits local high schools and college fairs to educate students about Ohio University and help prospective students decide which path is best for them: Ohio Chillicothe, other regional campuses, Athens residential campus, Ohio Online I am supporting.

“I am here to help students find the best place for them. Obviously I want it to be Ohio University, but there are other excellent options available to students. ,” says Taylor.

Her advice to students graduating from high school and preparing for what’s next? Be open to change and set aside time and space for the big decisions that await you.

“I wish I knew that as an 18-year-old graduate, I didn’t have to plan my whole life,” Taylor said. I want to reassure students about their choices because I tell so many of them that it is okay not to choose a major or decide on a career path. Many decisions take time and experience, so take the time to spend time in the field and do some self-analysis before making that decision!”

Taylor said her own experience has made her ready to support high school students struggling to find a path that matches their passions.

“My path after high school wasn’t really set,” she said. “I chose to go to college late in her senior year, and I didn’t know what major or career I wanted to pursue. It made me really nervous.”

Taylor enjoyed her experience at OHIO. From her history classes, attending the National Society of Leadership and Success, coaching placements, to studying in Belize her junior year, she took the opportunity to learn about herself and the world around her. .

“I was lucky to join a great group of pedagogical majors and professors on my trip to Belize,” said Taylor. “We taught at a local school for a week and immersed ourselves in the culture. The opportunity helped put the world in a new perspective when I needed it most. I often look back on our special relationship. The opportunity has boosted my confidence and empowered the decisions and experiences I have encountered to move forward.”

“If I had to do it all over again, I would get both a minor and a certificate, and I will continue to encourage students to do so when possible,” Taylor said.

To schedule a meeting with Taylor or tour the Ohio University Chillicothe Campus, please visit: Or call 740.774.7250. Morgan Taylor Named Regional Recruitment Manager for Ohio Chillicothe

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