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Most Used Apps in the US

Mobile apps have become essential tools in the current world. The Play Store has around 2.7 million apps, while the App Store has approximately 2.1 million apps. Therefore, if you have a smartphone, there are a lot of apps for you to choose from.

For example, studies have shown that online casino fans prefer accessing their preferred platforms via their mobile phones. Some operators run promotions like the no deposit bonus to encourage their customers to use their apps. You can Find your perfect casino match now, especially in the US, where many states have allowed online casinos to operate in their regions.

Apart from mobile casino apps, many other apps are popular in the US. Here are the most used apps in the region:   


Downloads: 94 million

TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2021. Reports suggest that the app had registered 2 billion downloads globally by April last year. At first, TikTok was regarded as a Generation Z app. However, the global lockdown measures saw the app get new users.

As many individuals around the world were stuck at home, they spent more time on their phones and were exploring new entertainment methods. Social media users are attracted to video more than other forms of content. Moreover, TikTok’s intelligent algorithm makes it very attractive to social media users.   


Downloads: 64 million

Instagram is a well-liked photo and video-sharing mobile app. Having 64 million downloads shows it is a popular app globally. This app does not like making its stats public, but its popularity on the app stores shows that it was trendy in 2021.

Instagram has emerged as a critical digital marketing tool. Reports suggest that brands uploaded an average 0.7 posts to the platform daily. Moreover, the app provides many opportunities for marketers to connect with their audience, such as IGTV, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Lives. In the summer of 2020, Instagram launched its latest feature, Reels, which competes directly with TikTok.


Downloads: 56 million

Snapchat has registered over 200 million downloads globally, with a massive chunk of these downloads coming from the US. Reports suggest that the app is more popular with younger users aged 34 years and under.

You can use the app for both business and pleasure. For example, it has an Instant Create feature, which allows you to speedily and effortlessly make ads and share them based on your location, ensuring it has reached your target audience. This makes Snapchat a handy marketing tool.


Downloads: 52 million

Zoom and other video conferencing apps became more popular immediately after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. For instance, reports revealed that over 300 million participants were using Zoom in April 2020. Besides that, in January 2021 alone, the app registered 38 million downloads.

The app’s widespread popularity can be attributed to the fact that many organizations, including learning institutions, adapted the working from home model. Zoom became the app of choice for many users making it very popular.   

Facebook Messenger

Downloads: 51 million

Facebook Messenger is also a top-rated app that is loved by many on the app stores. It is more popular than WhatsApp in the US, unlike other parts of the world where WhatsApp is more popular. The app registered 51 million users in the US in 2021, making it among the most downloaded apps in the region.

Moreover, like other apps on this list, you can use Facebook Messenger for business and personal communication. It allows you to share photos and share new products and services with your followers. It is an easy way of reaching out to your audience.  


Downloads: 47 million

At some point, Facebook was the social media’s king. It entered the social media apps space when MySpace was the go-to app. Since then, the app has remained one of the trendiest apps globally, especially in the US. In 2021, the app registered 47 million downloads on the app stores.

Moreover, you can use the app for business and personal communication. For example, enterprises run Facebook Pages which allows them to communicate with their clients instantly. They can also use their targeted marketing capabilities to reach users belonging to particular demography.


Downloads: 47 million

WhatsApp has also emerged as a critical social media app. It has become the app of choice for many to keep in touch with family and friends. According to reports, the app has over 2 billion users worldwide. It is among the popular messaging apps that also offer opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers using personalized messages and special offers.

Bottom Line

No one would have foreseen how important mobile apps would grow to become. As mobile technology continues to improve, it is correct to say that there is still more room for development. In this sense, individuals and businesses should brace themselves for better times ahead.  


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