Moving and Surplus in Ohio Offers Excellent Service

As May comes to an end, Ohio University’s Moving and Surplus Department remains busy providing the same excellent service throughout the year.

At Ohio University, 3 full-time moving specialists and 1 general manager Support the mobility and surplus needs of Athens and regional campuses. In 2022, Moving and Surplus supported his over 600 moving requests.

“For 24 years, I have managed countless projects using the services of Moving and Surplus. It’s because of the work.They are hardworking, fun and dependable.”

movement and surplus Responsible for moving departments, renovating rooms, supporting cargo delivery, operating forklifts, renting tables, chairs and stages, selling and assisting with disposal of University surplus.

The Surplus Store in Ohio is open to the college community and the general public Tuesday through Thursday from 10am to 2pm and offers a wide variety of furniture, gadgets, electronics, décor and miscellaneous goods. Located in Building 9, 120 Ridges Circle, The Ridges, Gov Deal Live Auction Supports various items such as equipment and vehicles

“Housing and Residence Life plans several moving and surplus projects each year. We have had a very positive experience working with them,” said Ohio Interior Services. Interior Services Manager Duane Parpich said. “I have witnessed them professionally interacting with students and staff on numerous occasions. The General Manager, his Staci White, was quick to coordinate project schedules and respond to any questions or concerns. Immediate response and I would recommend their services to anyone.”

Moving staff and surplus staff loading furniture into moving truck

Helpful Moving Tips for Ohio Communities

Preparing furniture and fixtures

  • Please provide equipment/furniture type, dimensions and estimated weight when submitting a service request
  • Empty all furniture before moving
  • Remove and prepare all office equipment (wrap cords/wires and pack in boxes).

packing box

  • Obtain shipping boxes and tape from Moving and Surplus as needed.Make sure you use the right size box to support your move
  • Use packaging where appropriate to protect fragile items
  • Place heavy items at the bottom of the box and light items at the top
  • Fill the empty space in the box, but do not overpack.Individual boxes must not exceed 50 lbs

Tagging boxes and furniture

  • Clearly mark the boxes with a dark marker or label both the top and sides of each box/item with the name, department, and location (building and room number) to which the item will be moved.

How to contact Moving and Surplus

https://www.ohio.edu/news/2023/05/ohios-moving-and-surplus-provides-outstanding-service Moving and Surplus in Ohio Offers Excellent Service

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