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Much of the blame spread in Browns’ 31-30 collapse

Joel Bitonio has been the left guard in the Browns’ offensive line since he was a rookie in 2014. He qualifies as an expert on these things, as he had firsthand experience with his 85 losses prior to his Sept. 18 game against the Jets. .

“I can’t think of a loss like this as long as I’m here,” said Bitonio in the locker room after the Browns gave up two passing touchdowns in less than 1:30 with a surprisingly cool 31- Said I played. 30 to the Jets.

There are many responsibilities to share. After collapsing in the 4th quarter in the season opener, the Browns would go 0-2 if not for his 58-yard field goal by Cade York.

The only player not responsible for the loss to the Jets is quarterback Jacoby Brissett. Indeed, after the Jets took their only lead of the game with 22 seconds left, Brissett threw an interception on the Jets’ 36, but most of the damage had already been done.

After Nick Chubb scored with 1:55 on a 12-yard run to give the Browns a 30-17 lead, the fans at FirstEnergy Stadium roared to get the game started.

The Jets were out of timeouts when Chubb scored on a first-down run on a play that started with 2:02 remaining. Stefanski conceded that he should have told the offense to let the clock run.

“It’s my responsibility to pass that on to Huddle,” Stefanski said. “We’ve done it before. That said, we need to finish that game.”

Less than two minutes on the game clock after Chubb’s touchdown, fans who hung out until the end booed the Browns off the field.

“The most disappointing thing was the boo at the end,” said defensive end Myles Garrett. “It’s two games to go and we have a lot of work to do. We have a lot of time to fix what we’re doing. So we don’t want to see this crowd, this stadium will give us up so quickly.” .”

A misunderstanding within the Browns resulted in two touchdowns for the Jets. A 66-yard touchdown pass from Joe Flacco to Corey Davis cut the Browns’ lead to 30–24 with 1:22 left two plays after Chubb scored.

Davis ran past cornerback Denzel Ward as if Ward were a Jim Brown statue outside FirstEnergy Stadium. Ward and Grant Delpit remained staring at each other. Only the players and defensive coordinator Joe Woods know for sure which player should have covered for Davis. But the error is very similar to what happened when Panthers quarterback Baker his Mayfield threw his pass to Robbie his Anderson in the fourth quarter for his 75-yard touchdown. was

“It was so quiet, it felt really weird,” Flacco said, referring to the shocked Browns fans.

Davis’ touchdown wasn’t the only communication breakdown. With 15 seconds left in the first half, no one covered the Jets running back a floating Breece hole from the backfield on the Browns’ third and goal from 10. His 232 touchdowns may have been the easiest of his passes that Flacco has thrown in his 16-year career.

The Browns special teams were an abomination. York missed a PAT attempt after a Chubb touchdown gave the Browns a 30-17 lead. That was a big point, but it was far from the special teams’ biggest blunder.

The Browns fell on a false punt at 4 and 2 from New York 46 on the Jets’ first possession. That mistake led to New York’s first touchdown.

Punt coverage and kick convergence were subpar, but the biggest mistake that can’t happen at a crucial moment, especially after the Browns called timeouts to prepare, was Flacco’s touchdown pass to Davis after he made a touchdown pass. I couldn’t cover an onside kick. It turned out to be a 30-24 game.

Regular kicker Greg Zuerlein normally kicks off for the Jets, but Jets special teams coach Brant Boyer, a former Browns linebacker, sent his punter Braden Mann on the field for an onside kick. Sent.

Mann swung his leg and kicked the ball left. The ball bounced and traveled his required 10 yards. Amari Cooper appeared to be waiting for the ball to bounce back. Instead, Jets safety Will Parks countered the ball and his teammate Justin Hardy recovered it.

Cooper should have hit the ball out of bounds, but it froze.

Flacco completed the comeback with a 15-yard touchdown pass to Garrett Wilson with 22 seconds remaining.

Perhaps somewhere along the line, the Browns will win games they aren’t expected to win. But they can’t take this back.

PHOTO: BROWNS vs. JETS, Sept. 18, 2022

https://www.news-herald.com/2022/09/18/plenty-of-blame-to-spread-around-in-browns-31-30-collapse-jeff-schudel/ Much of the blame spread in Browns’ 31-30 collapse

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