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Must-Have Technical Documentation Tools 2021

Technical documentation software play a significant role for businesses. They help in curating the right content to help contextualize information correctly in an easy-to-understand way.

Technical documentation tools include the writing, editing, reviewing, rewriting and drawing phases.

Information documentation teams use these technical tools to make technical documentation like;

  • manuals
  • blogs
  • guides
  • video demos
  • help pages

They vary depending on the task required at each phase. These tools are diverse and innumerable.

We have put together a list of some of the best technical documentation tools to use in 2021.

  1. Mediawiki

This tool integrates your pages with Wikipedia directly. It is a PHP-based web editing tool used by Wikipedia.

If you do not have a separate web page for your products, it integrates them. Its familiarity amongst online users makes it a great option. The free editing tool it offers makes it a simple and great tool to use.

2. Whatfix

Users do not like static and lengthy web help pages; they lose attention very quickly. Whatfix offers pictorial guides known widely as ‘balloons.”

With technology constantly growing, Whatfix automatically adapts to various gadgets; tablets, smartphones and PCs.

Whatfix also presents help content in various formats, so if you like videos, slideshows, or even PDFs, you are assured of help. It also supports a real-time interactive walkthrough feature where you key in help snippets directly into the product page, and your audiences get to read the snippet and perform the said action on the page.

3. Notepad++

Notepad++ is a simple beginner’s HTML editor. It helps you learn basic HTML programming for your software; it doesn’t require heavy online documentation. This tool is suitable for making medium-sized help files, and it allows for editing through its customizable GUI. An amazing feature is that it supports multi-language in addition to using the best technical translation services.

4. Adobe RoboHelp

This is a tool used to create desktop and web-based help systems. If you are a computer user, then you are not a stranger to RoboHelp; with each click of the F1 button on the keyboard, you interact with a help page created using RoboHelp. It can also be used to develop and produce technical and personal documents to be printed, such as manuals and guides.

Through the intricate RoboHelp IDE, writers can develop and render large-scale help projects on multiple operating systems in varied formats.

5. WordPress

WordPress is the go-to tool for most people who want to create technical documentation in the form of blogs. It is a free online content management platform that is open-source. WordPress blogs can usually be opened directly through the blog’s URL or from the company’s website.

Set up a blog on WordPress if you aim to publish regular content about your brand.

It captures users’ responses through the likes and comment features, thus making it easier to engage your audience and get their opinion concerning your brand.

6. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe illustrator is a tool used to create and edit vector-based illustrations and designs like brand marks and logos. This tool here helps you achieve image scaling without losing quality; thus, the output can easily be printed on small cards and giant billboards. It is the leading technical writing tool.

7. Microsoft Visio

This tool is commonly used in engineering application design. It allows technical writers to draw flowcharts, electrical circuit images, software product design and architectural designs.

It conforms to software industry standards like BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation)and UML (Unified Modeling Language).

However, note that, unlike other traditional Microsoft office tools, it is sold separately.

8. Microsoft word

It may seem silly to include this commonplace tool amongst the others in this list; however, it is plain and clear that it is the preferred tool of many technical writers. It offers easy PDF to DOC conversion. Combined with Adobe Acrobat reader, it has become an essential technical tool.

You can underestimate MS Word as a Technical Documentation tool, but you know what? All the fancy technical tools listed above have made it on the list thanks to MS Word.


Select a technical documentation tool based on your needs. There exists no such a thing as the “perfect” tool, all of these are equally capable in their own leagues. Narrow down your needs and what features you fancy most in your technical software of choice, then decide.

Author’s Bio

Melony Hart is a content writer and copywriter. She enjoys writing for blogs and travelling. She natures her small kitchen garden when not clicking away on the keyboard.



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