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National Guard helps with tornado cleanup in Logan County

Lakeview, Ohio (W.C.M.H.) – The Ohio National Guard is in Logan County working to help rebuild communities that were destroyed by an EF-3 tornado a week ago.

Since then, community members have banded together and worked together to begin the rebuilding process.

The Ohio National Guard has been activated in recent days to help residents who have lost everything. Leaders say it's rewarding to be able to help, but the tragedy is heartbreaking for them.

After declaring a state of emergency for 11 counties in central Ohio on Sunday, Governor DeWine activated the Ohio National Guard to assist Logan County authorities.

“At first we mobilized just the initial assessment team, but by that afternoon we had a complete equipment package with the senior team here in the field,” said Col. Tim Grady, Ohio National Guard task force commander. .

Their mission is to assist the Logan County Emergency Management Agency and other local governments in restoring access to public infrastructure.

Heavy debris has blocked traffic on Route 33 in Lakeview, but significant progress has been made so far.

“The situation has been largely cleared and we are requesting resources from the state and doing everything we can to coordinate the situation to move quickly and safely,” said Alexandria Dye, emergency manager for the RED HORSE unit. Stated.

The Ohio National Guard is trained and ready to help in the event of disaster, but it's shocking to see such devastation in our home state.

“What struck me most is that everyone here is a training status trooper,” said Chief Sgt. Mark Schneider, “They left their jobs and their families and came here to volunteer and help. So, from my perspective, they're all volunteers, not necessarily working or getting paid. I’m not here to get paid or anything.”

“It's hard to see your home completely gone. People are suffering, but that's what we're here for, to make the transition to recovery easier, simpler and more effective.” to make it happen,” Dai said.

Leaders said they have been involved in large-scale operations around the world and are amazed at all the support Logan County has received in the last few days here.

“How this community has come together and local contractors, local agencies, other counties have stepped in to support law enforcement officers and how great the synergy is that they have established a community. I'm just amazed by the dolphins,” Schneider said.

The Ohio National Guard plans to remain in Logan County as long as the mission requires.

“We live here, we are in the community, we are part of the community. The majority of our people are citizen soldiers, citizen airmen, they live civilian lives. They are our families, fathers, mothers, brothers, daughters, sisters. It's tough, but we're proud to be able to help,” Grady said.

Governor DeWine has asked FEMA damage assessment teams to investigate 11 counties in Ohio, one of which is Logan County. He believes this is the next step in helping these communities recover.

https://www.nbc4i.com/news/state-news/national-guard-helps-with-tornado-cleanup-in-logan-county/ National Guard helps with tornado cleanup in Logan County

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