New effort to ban students' cell phones in Ohio classrooms

(WJW) – Governor Mike DeWine Ohio schools are encouraging students to limit cell phone use. He wants the state to follow the lead of districts such as Akron, which have banned the use of phones in classrooms.

Governor DeWine said cell phones have a negative impact on student learning and children's mental health. Teachers don't have to compete with students' cell phones to get the most out of their lessons, he said.

“What's happening today is bad,” Governor DeWine said in a speech. State House Address on wednesday. “If you don't believe me, talk to your teachers, principals, and superintendents. They'll all tell you how distracting cell phones are in the classroom.”

DeWine said Ohio's K-12 schools should ban or restrict the use of smartphones on campus, and he wants the General Assembly to pass a phone bill.

last year, Akron Public School District We have introduced a new policy that requires high school and middle school students to keep their cell phones safe. Yondr phone lock pouch Every morning.

“I think this is the right thing to do,” said Don Zesiger, director of security for Akron schools. “I think there is more harm than good when it comes to school phones. Staging fights, filming fights, posting fights, bullying, being a nuisance during class, etc. There was a lot to do.”

Zesiger said students report feeling less stressed during the day.

“This forced them to engage and converse with each other,” he said. “Many of them admit that their stress levels are much lower because they don't have anxiety about social media.”

The district said parents were initially concerned, but now the majority are cooperative and have been able to communicate with their children through the office, administrators and teachers.

Governor DeWine wants to implement a program similar to Akron's in every district in the state. He also wants to pass new laws that would require parental consent for children under 16 to have social media accounts.

https://fox8.com/news/new-effort-to-ban-student-phones-in-ohio-classrooms/ New effort to ban students' cell phones in Ohio classrooms

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