New Jersey data is a warning sign for young sports bettors

A record-breaking 50 million bettors as the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs advance to Super Bowl LVII $16 billion According to the American Gaming Association, your in-game skin

In January 2023, Ohio and Massachusetts will begin legal sports betting, while Washington, DC and 34 other states It has passed legislation since the Supreme Court overturned the federal ban in 2018. State legislatures were generally keen to take advantage of the tax windfall from sports betting to get a slice of it. Billions bet every year.voters too increasingly support legalization.

Here in New Jersey, sports betting has been legal since June 2018, both online and in person. The state is the only jurisdiction that requires an annual assessment of the relationship between online gambling, sports betting and problem gambling.

The Center for Gambling Research at Rutgers University, which I direct, Conduct an annual evaluation We use data for all sports wagers made in New Jersey since 2018. Our findings suggest that the public’s love of sports betting may have unintended consequences.

Sports betting is associated with poor mental health

An upcoming statewide gambling prevalence study found that people who bet on sports in New Jersey are more likely to have problem gambling and drug and alcohol problems than other people who gamble. found that they were more likely to experience mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. % say they have attempted suicide.

Small groups of bettors appear to be most at risk. About 5% of all sports bettors placed nearly half of all bets and spent nearly 70% of their money. This means that the people who lose the most money are the most important to the operator’s interests. New Jersey’s fastest growing sports betting group Most were betting in-game, with around 19% spending half of their bets during the game. When emotions and impulsive spending are at their highest.

Regulators have asked operators to allow them to set limits on losses, deposits or time spent gambling, but only about 1% of young bettors use protective measures, Fewer than any other age group.from around 70% of sports bets analyzed If they were losing bets, most of these young players could find themselves losing more money than they could afford.

vulnerable population

It is therefore possible that states are unknowingly inflicting problem gambling and lifelong negative outcomes on cohorts of young people.

It is because he is young. start gambling, bet on more activities. And the more often you gamble, the more likely you are to develop a serious gambling problem. gambling as a youth Higher than average rate of problem gambling.

The dangers are exacerbated by the easy access provided by tablets and mobile phones that eliminate most barriers to gambling, even for minors. Children exposed to a constant parade of gambling advertisements report what they remember Both the product and wagering requirements from those ads, and some teens say As a result, they intended to gamble. If Parents or other family members also gambleThose children may later develop not only gambling problems, but also drug and alcohol problems.

Few regulatory actions have been implemented

In the US, the Marlboro Man can no longer sprint. national television broadcastalcohol advertising cannot contain Misleading, demonstrably false, or directed to minors.

However, there are currently no federal guidelines for gambling advertising. Major League Baseball has banned Pete Rose for gambling, barring him from the Hall of Fame. Stadium sportsbook and Partnerships with gambling operatorsThe same goes for the NFL and most of its teams, with former stars like Eli Manning encourage betting Ad and Pro Bowl wide receiver DaVonte Adams first active player gambling sponsors.

Even those who are aware that they have a gambling problem are not guaranteed help.

gambling treatment services varies by state, from specially trained and culturally competent counselors in some states to the complete lack of services in others. Most children and their teens are not educated in school about problem gambling as they are with drugs and alcohol.some colleges Openly affiliated with gambling companies Sponsors of esports competitions that invite underage betting.

The federal government is remarkably silent about attractive addictions.Nationally, federal policies, prohibitions, or federally funded research or prevention programdespite all income generated by taxes on gambling winnings.

Internationally, gambling-related abuse and tragedies lead the way like australia and england Enact new regulations and severe penalties for operators. For example, the UK Affordable checks should be carried out by the operator We also prohibit gambling advertisements by athletes, celebrities and social media influencers that appeal to children and teens.

I think it’s only a matter of time before a similar proposal reaches the United States, but in the meantime, millions of people in more than half of the country are willing to legally gamble their hard-earned money to make big money. You will seize the chance to win. Sunday.

Hopefully they can afford to lose.

Author: Lia Nower – Professor and Director, Center for Gambling Research, Rutgers University

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