New precincts may change again before 2024 elections in some states

(AP) — The 2022 election will use new precincts drawn from the latest census data for the first time. These districts typically live for 10 years, but can be short-lived in some states.

Court challenges could force legislators and task forces to produce yet another map ahead of the 2024 legislative and state legislative elections.

This means that voters who have just moved to a new US House or state legislative district may be grouped into different communities the next time they go to vote.

Here’s a look at some of the places where precincts might change and why.

redistricting competition

of US Supreme Court Thursday upheld a lower court ruling that Alabama’s congressional districts may have violated federal suffrage laws. Weakening the political power of black voters.

The ruling allows the Republican-led state legislature and governor to create new U.S. Congressional districts where not only one, but two of Alabama’s seven constituencies have a majority or near majority of black voters. It means that there is a high probability that you will need to pull.

The ruling could also create new U.S. congressional districts in Louisiana and potentially Georgia.

Considering the incident in Alabama, Supreme Court issued an injunction A similar lower court ruling ruled that Louisiana’s constituencies must be redrawed to create second-majority black constituencies. It is likely that it will be removed. federal judge in georgia The state said last year that the legislature and some of its congressional districts may have violated the Voting Rights Act, but no final decision has yet been made.

Alabama’s decision is “breathing new life” into similar cases across the country, said Mark Gaber, senior director of district restructuring at the nonprofit Campaign Legal Center.

Challenges to voting rights laws in Texas are in their early stages. The lawsuit also alleges that state congressional districts undermine the voting power of Hispanics in Washington and Native Americans in North Dakota.

Other lawsuits, although based on different legal theories, allege that districts were drawn to disadvantage minority votes in Arkansas and Florida.The Supreme Court also agreed to review the lower court South Carolina congressional districts discriminate against black voters.

New Perspectives for New Elections

New York is also preparing new congressional districts. The state Supreme Court last year invalidated maps approved by the Democratic-led U.S. Congress, state Senate and state legislatures. The ruling ordered lower courts to create new districts for the U.S. House of Representatives and state Senate for the 2022 elections. But judges decided it was too late to come up with new congressional districts before the last election.

Instead, the court said the state’s independent land consolidation commission should draw the new lot. The commission approved a revised map of Congress in April, which will go into effect for the 2024 elections with prompt approval from Congress and the governor.

A pending lawsuit seeks an independent commission to authorize the creation of a new map of the U.S. House of Representatives before the 2024 election.

Democratic majority in North Carolina The state Supreme Court ruled last year It argued that congressional districts drawn by the Republican-led General Assembly were illegal partisan gerrymanders, instead allowing maps drawn by judges to be used in the 2022 election. The case was pending appeal to the Supreme Court, but voters elected a Republican majority to the state Supreme Court. Judges in April reversed the previous judgment and declared that partisan gerrymandering is not prohibited by the Constitution.

Whatever action the U.S. Supreme Court takes on the first appeal, the legislature plans to: Redrawing congressional districts Before the next election, Republicans will be given a chance to win more seats than the current 7-7 split.

The Ohio Supreme Court has rejected several maps made by Republican officials of constituencies for the U.S. House of Representatives, the state Senate, and the state House of Representatives. But the court has allowed the 2022 elections to proceed using these maps, directing new constituencies to be drawn by the next election.

Republican state legislators have asked the Supreme Court to review the ruling that: Appeal against Congressional Map Denial. If you lose, you have to draw a new map. Meanwhile, the Republican-led commission responsible for creating maps of the state legislature will meet later this year to try something new.

More Partisan Challenges

Lawsuits pending in New Mexico and Utah alleging congressional districts are illegal partisan gerrymanders — New Mexico lawsuit favors Democrats, Utah lawsuit supports Republicans are doing.

of New Mexico Supreme Court hears arguments However, it has yet to make a decision on whether to dismiss the lawsuit filed by the Republicans. The lawsuit alleges that Democratic lawmakers illegally divided the southeastern corner of the Republican oil-producing state into three districts “for political gain.” Democrats won all three constituencies in the 2022 election.

The Utah Supreme Court has ruled a case against Republican lawmakers who engaged in illegal partisan gerrymandering by dividing Salt Lake County, the most politically competitive area, into four congressional districts. We plan to hear arguments in July as to whether we can proceed. Republicans won all four constituencies in last year’s election.

First trial in Kentucky last November rejected allegations of partisan gerrymandering It was brought up by Democrats in opposition to the congressional and state legislative maps adopted by the Republican-led Congress. The lawsuit was appealed to the state Supreme Court.

Wisconsin too?

Wisconsin does not currently have a redistricting challenge, but could do so by the end of the summer. That could open up new constituencies by the 2024 election.

April voters elected a new Democratic judge It was filed in the Wisconsin Supreme Court, ensuring liberal control of the majority when Justice Janet Protasewich formally joined the court in August.

During the campaign, Protasevic said he believed the current maps were “rigged” and wanted to reconsider.

That has raised hopes among Democrats that the High Court will be more tolerant of lawsuits alleging that current state legislatures and congressional districts unfairly benefit Republicans. . The current district, which was approved by the courts, is modeled after previous districts elected by Republicans that have given the Republican party a strong edge over the past decade.

Madison’s attorney, Jeff Mandel, said he plans to file a legal challenge against the map plans shortly after Protashewitz’s court appearance.

“We believe the people of Wisconsin deserve an opportunity for this new court to give this issue a fresh look,” Mandel said.

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