New scam in Ohio?

Belmont County, Ohio (WTRF) Fraud is on the rise in Belmont County.

According to the sheriff’s office, a number of scams have increased in the past few weeks alone.

From credit card fraud, computer fraud, Bitcoin fraud and even warrant fraud, Sheriff Dave Lucas says these scammers will never stop.

The latest, he said, involves scammers claiming to be BCSOs contacting sex offenders in the community to tell them they have an arrest warrant and must pay a fine.

“All I can say to our community is don’t believe anything like this. Don’t buy credit cards or give money. Unless you know or have met the person, go to the company or go to the sheriff’s office, we will never call you and tell you we want money, nor do any other company. I won’t do it.”

Sheriff Dave Lucas – Belmont County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Lucas says seniors are the biggest victims of these scams.

He advises you to report any scams and never give your money or your information to anyone. New scam in Ohio?

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