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Northwest Ohio Politician Answers Questions About Railroad Safety Bill

Gov. Mike DeWine signed a $13.5 billion rail transportation budget on Friday. Dozens of people gathered at City Hall on Saturday to further discuss the new law.

Oregon, Ohio — Governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 23 on friday. In addition to introducing new safety measures following a high-profile train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, the bill is being promoted as the largest jobs bill in the state’s history.

House Bill 23 helps ensure that each train passing through the state has at least two crew members.

Also, detectors should be installed on trains every 10 to 15 miles to measure the temperature of the wheel bearings.

Overheated wheel bearings National Transportation Safety Board A major cause of the derailment in East Palestine.

This is a historic bill for the state, but some say there is still work to be done. A panel of state and railroad leaders met Saturday afternoon to discuss ways forward.

Many local citizens and railway officials gathered at the town hall’s audience. They were there asking the panelists questions. Oregon Branch Library.

Panelists included state representatives Michele Grimm (D-Toledo) and Josh Williams (R-Oregon), State Senator Paula Hicks-Hudson(D-Toledo) Congressman Mercy Kaptor (Democrat-Ohio 9th District) and railroad expert John Esterley.

Esterie too President of the Brotherhood of Engineers and Railroadmen He said he was proud of his voter turnout and said it was time to celebrate the future of the state and potentially the nation.

“We are the first and only state to have something in the book talking about it,” he said. And we hope that it will eventually be dealt with at the federal level.”

The event also comes as the Senate and House of Representatives introduced the bipartisan Locomotive Accidents Reduction Act (RAIL) last month.

Congressman Marcy Kaptor is one of the bill’s sponsors.

“The difference is that the Senate bill is better for rail safety than the House bill,” Kapter said. “But as the bill progresses, it will provide additional support for rail improvements and rail safety across the country, starting here in Ohio.”

One of the ideas brought up by the panelists was to form a local task force in Northwest Ohio.

Former Toledo mayor Hicks Hudson said he hopes the efforts being made by the Ohio legislature will help start a dialogue at the federal level.

Hicks Hudson said, “We can make sure that Ohio is prepared to deal with incidents like this and that we are dealing with these issues.

Congressman Captor Norfolk Southern We have not yet reached out to her to discuss the continued cleanup of derailments in Sandusky and East Palestine, but she said she plans to meet with Federal Railway Administration head with Amtrak to find a solution.

https://www.wtol.com/article/news/local/railroad-safety-is-focus-of-oregon-ohio-town-hall/512-116cc569-c1cd-4cd7-afa6-5d53007f5bcf Northwest Ohio Politician Answers Questions About Railroad Safety Bill

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